Just call me the Ice Queen from here on out mmmkay? We were invited to check out the VIP Experience at Minus5 in Las Vegas (this specific location was in Mandalay Bay and there is another in Monte Carlo) and this was a huge highlight of our trip.

For me and Melayne to hang out in a freezer sounds wonderful, and after my Switzerland trip, I was used to the cold!

I’m drinking a virgin Pina Colada in my ice cup! They use a special water so it freezes clear – and they order the ice cups and throw them away after usage, thanks to Brenna’s reporting she shared with me.

The walls, floor to ceiling and chandelier is made of ice! Thank goodness for fur on the seats so we don’t freeze our bums.

Happy Birthday Brenna! She was a former Miss Arizona USA (and made top 10 at Miss USA) – I just had to brag about my friend. She doesn’t even talk about it much but sometimes you gotta just toot your friend’s horn because they won’t do it themselves.

If you don’t know the history of how our group met, it was through pageants, most of us the Miss Arizona USA system at different times. Onto the tour!

The staff helped walk us through preparing to go into the ice bar. We picked a souvenir hat and naturally went giddy over the fur hat with ears and attached mittens (or pockets). We picked a fur jacket, took a photo, put on gloves and headed into the ice bar!

It’s about 23F which is -5 C aka Minus5! Have to admit the husband figured that one out.

My drink was turning colors with the light changes so fun. Check out this chandelier made of ice!

^^ The chisel detail on the side of the chairs and it’s like an igloo! I’m so impressed. I was glad I wore pants and closed toed shoes. The gals who wore opened toed shoes froze quicker – just a tip.

There was great music pumping and we made some friends and laughed as we felt like we were in Antartica.

Now the real question is, mirror mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?

Ice Queens! When you head out, there is a bar with TV, faux fire place so you can still hang out and mingle – which we did with our new friends. Because that’s what you do in Vegas, you make new friends as you’re walking and share a moment or two! Which reminds me, thankful for the gentlemen who took our group photos and the ladies who danced and welcomed us with a, “Hey!!” scream as the music was bumping it was so hilarious!

Glad we got to chill in Vegas for a little bit ;)

Thanks to Minus5 for the VIP Experience!