Diana Elizabeth Steffen is an author, photographer, and regular hostess known for her fun themed parties (Princess Diana and Juicy Couture). She has been an avid writer (22 diaries from childhood to college) so blogging came naturally when she discovered WordPress over 10 years ago. She is originally from Granite Bay, California and attended The University of Arizona with a B.A. in journalism and minor in political science. Her favorite blogger collaboration was with her alma mater UofA because she, “was paid to go back to college.”

In her earlier career she worked in the television industry at E! Entertainment as a red-carpet editorial assistant and moved to Arizona to work at The Arizona Republic before changing industries to marketing and social media branding. She is a local Phoenix actress and model that has appeared in commercials and print ads, and once upon a time was on the cover of PHOENIX magazine. She freelances as a marketing/social media specialist for brands, and works as a photographer for corporate branding shoots and shoots for PHOENIX magazine – in addition to shooting a cover photo for the publication as well as appeared on the cover as a model.

You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or setting the table for her next epic themed party with her loved ones. 

She lives in Phoenix with her husband Benjamin also known as Mr. Wonderful. Visit our home by watching our Homeworthy tour!


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    After going to many estate sales and seeing people downsize and selling dishes, flatware, and linens, I have become aware that hosting parties is a life stage.

    Because I know this, I am embracing the energy, time, and desire I have right now in this stage to spend on gathering friends, new and old, to make memories.

    Hosting is a lot of work. It’s a lot of planning and time setting up, and energy taking down (but friends help!) but at the end of my life I know I’ll look back and think, “What a great time!” As I look at photos seeing friends that have come, gone, weaved in and out and enjoyed the journey of life. 
    We should enjoy one another’s company, good friends, and acquaintances. That’s one of the reasons I host as many gatherings as I can – big and small. You’d be surprised how many want to gather, and as long as the people I love make the time to show up, I will make the time to plan. If we don’t invest the time and money to set the backdrop for memories, who will?


    Over 12 years of blogging I have been blessed to work with many brands through blog campaigns, content creation,  and  marketing. Some are repeat partnerships through the years.