Juicy Couture Y2k themed birthday party friends in velour sets

A Juicy Couture Y2K Birthday Party

Juicy Couture birthday party theme Y2K 2000s party

I feel very fortunate that my birthday is in November, it is the perfect weather to have a party outside in Phoenix after a long hot summer. However, on my birthday party day (the day after my actual birthday), it was raining and I was not sure where to set up. More on that later. 

Ever since my big 40th I just thought I’d continue with hosting a birthday party (but on a little smaller scale) because I want any excuse to throw a party with some of my closest friends. 

After last year’s Princess Diana iconic costume themed party which I wanted to host for fun but decided my birthday was the perfect excuse (you have to see it here), I thought I would take a break. But then again, a theme popped into my head. I just wanted friends to come in a velour track suit so… a Juicy Couture party idea came to mind of course! And by the time I thought about it, it was the end of spring, so that meant another birthday party. 

I guess you can say my birthday party kicks off the entertaining season!

Juicy Couture Y2k themed birthday party friends in velour sets
Juicy Couture y2k party

Well, back to the morning, because it was RAINING!! I saw it on the weather app earlier in the week but thought it would change. It sprinkled throughout the night and said randomly doing the day too and I scrambled to figure out what to do. Meagan came over early to assess the situation I thought would work (kinda) and said do a U under the porch. Then I thought add another table so it’s like a square but then I couldn’t fit! So…then I joked I can sit in the middle and rotate on the spin chair, and then we grabbed a table and there I was. I mean it was kinda funny but I had no where else to go! 

And it was fun too because I got to see almost everyone and I had to just turn around and eat with my guests to give equal love time.

juicy couture birthday party decor theme adult party
juicy couture y2k party ideas decor
juicy couture hat y2k party birthday party juicy couture party

This was the gate entrance, I borrowed some clothes from friends who kept their Y2K clothes and I hung it on the door as though you were entering a Y2K room! I also need to give a HUGE thank you to Brenna Heater who is one of my very best longtime friends who took a majority of these photos for me. She is a talented newborn, maternity photographer based in Phoenix, AZ and I appreciate her sharing her talents to help me capture this so so so much. Thank you Bren!!!! You did amazing and I cannot express into words how grateful I am for your help!

nostalgic Y2K goodies for Juicy Couture party Juice yourself
If you are familiar with the red stickers...oh boy haha!!
juicy couture birthday party
y2k that's hot Paris Hilton cup, juicy couture 2000s birthday party ideas
juicy couture mirror
Y2K birthday party juicy couture
I love seeing my friends in their velour!!

I unfortunately never owned a Juicy Couture velour set when it was in style in the 2000s because it was too expensive. I owned similar tracksuits like ones from Express, but never Juicy even though I wanted one. I couldn’t justify spending tons of $ on the real stuff (but I would have a Louis Vuitton monogram bag because my parents bought it for me, thanks mom and dad).  I did get a Juicy Couture charm bracelet given to me by my girl gang and each one bought me a charm for my 25th birthday.  But today, I do own a Juicy tracksuit among many other velour jumpsuits (Lilly Pulitzer makes some fantastic ones!)! The yellow Juicy tracksuit I am wearing I scored during a promo with Olay a few years ago, if you spent $150 on product they sent it for free. I told friends and posted it on social and of course NOW everyone was wanting one. I’m like hello, I was not gate keeping!

Oh and before we move on, let’s share a 2003/2004 image of one of the times I interviewed Paris Hilton. I just adored her.

me interviewing Paris Hilton

The invitation

I used Paperless Post and sent the invite during the citrus garden party because my friends wanted to know what the theme was going to be so I sent them out so they could prepare to look for their outfit.

I also had to include this video in the invite to get them excited! That’s hot. And in perfect Y2K timing, Paris Hilton came out with her Walmart pink cookware line and rushed to Walmart, spent over 2 hours there and bought the “That’s Hot” mug as decor. I love Paris Hilton so much.

Juicy Couture birthday party y2k

Nameplate necklaces as Placecards

I thought could be creative with place card settings which would double as a party favor! I ordered each babe a personalized 18k plated name necklace in the Juicy Couture font. 

Find them on Etsy (here and here) or Amazon (here or here). They came in a blue box and I used a satin ribbon from Amazon to add a bow in the color shocking pink.

I used my Circuit Joy and use gold vinyl to create initials to put on the boxes. The font is called Old London which matched the necklace font exactly! I really enjoy taking the time to create these details, it’s fun for me and I hope when the girls look at their necklaces they think of the party and how much I love them.

juicy couture y2k gift idea party favor idea nameplate necklace custom
nameplate necklace juicy couture y2k birthday party
juicy couture necklaces y2k
18K gold plated necklace for all my guests, used as a placecard

The Food and service

I hired The Tea & Co. after I saw how beautiful and delicious the set up was for my friend Lauren’s coastal grandmother themed baby shower I was sold and had to hire them. I set the table and them to provide the delicious food and serve! 

They came with extra tea pots, the cups, and made the menu. Amy and her mom Randee were happy to wear velour to my party too! Yay!

We played a lot of games because that’s how my parties roll! We had a Y2K pop quiz, a costume vote for best outfit, AND a Queen of Y2K where we say out loud a list of Y2K trends and if you participated in them you get a butterfly clip and whoever has the most wins a prize.

The prizes were Y2K related, Juicy Couture has a home line I found at Home Goods, and some bright colored goodies and the Lancome Juicy Tube in birthday cake (it’s a clear). Just some fun prizes!

As you can see everyone looked so hot, loves it! 

I think we should throw birthday parties for ourselves or any parties because it’s a way we can spend and spoil our friends, if you’re into that thing. I spend enough money on myself and the house (haha) and it is wonderfully fun and enjoyable for me to host an experience for my closest friends who are into it! It’s an investment, but I also keep in mind that stages of life come to an end or change, and that’s sad and good at the same time. It’s not about celebrating me to be honest, though my friends show up to do that but I put it on to celebrate our friendship. I found the greatest and I am grateful.

So while you have the time, energy and funds, do the things that bring you joy with the people you love! I hope this inspires you to throw your own party and get creative! Velour tracksuits FOREVERRRRR!

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