brick garden beds - lots of AFTER photos of new garden area, progression photos using artificial turf grass #garden #vinewall

Kitchen Garden Breakdown Cost

new patio area kitchen gardenbrick garden beds - lots of AFTER photos of new garden area, progression photos using artificial turf grass #garden #vinewall

was requested to share the breakdown cost of the kitchen garden (see full reveal post here).

I usually don’t discuss dollars because I grew up understanding discussing money is not proper. I remember asking my dad when I was very young, like 10 if he knew how much money one of my uncles made and my dad answered no, I replied, well why not? He said, we just don’t talk about those things. The funny things you learn when you’re a kid right?

Anyway, we’re all adults here and this is a different topic and I realize by sharing this requested information it would provide some of you value and that’s what I’m here for! I hope with this info you can compare quotes, and get an idea of what things can realistically cost. After all, we’re not talking about how much money I made this month, right? *wink*

How we saved

We waited 9 years to get to this stage because we were in saving mode until we started to go ahead with space planning. It didn’t take us all 9 years to save, but once we decided we were going to, we had a savings plan in place. We also knew we needed to wait because we were young and didn’t know what we wanted in our home, it was important for us to live in our house for a few years to understand the way we live and what our needs would be.

We worked on the small things like the inside of our home and let the outside of our home sit as is until we felt ready for a renovation because we knew it would be a big investment given how much space it was and closely tired together – the front landscape is next to the garage and the garage is next to the kitchen garden – it’s like the bone song. It is amazing how much money you can put aside if you really want something, you can do it!

Planning for the renovations

In the last two years we have gone full renovation mode and completed our home to 99.9% (I have to leave a .1% for future wiggle room which it will always be at 99.9% right?) *wink* We expanded with the garden room with a new bathroom, and a few months later after we realized everything is great inside, we wanted to tackle the outside and start on the flat roof open-air garage, garden area, and front landscaping. This happened sooner than we thought but we were ready and my dad urged us to just do it and enjoy it now before prices went up.

Phase 2 on the same city approved permit consisted of three parts (flat roof open air garage, kitchen garden, and new front landscape) it was a long project, about a 1 year project. This was due to several reasons – getting a landscape design and timing it with the garage being built, to the decision to source our own contractors for the job to save money. It may have saved us a little bit of money, but not much time and frustration if we’re being honest, but it was still worth saving the money.

I will link all Phoenix contractors at the end of this post.

Cost Breakdown for the Kitchen Garden

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Splitting the cost from the front landscaping was tricky – as we had cement pours, nursery delivery, and brickwork done around the same. There were so many steps, but you may find you won’t need to do half of what we did like adding a cinderblock wall or a raised brick garden bed. I highly recommend a landscape designer, it will save you money in the long run.

Kitchen Garden Sources

Here was our renderings, we changed a little out of necessity and things that were brought to our attention, it all worked out!

All three below I highly recommend!

Cinderblock wall and brick beds, cannot list because I can’t recommend 100%. But I do have another cinderblock wall guy who worked on the front of or home I would recommend, email me if you want his info since he doesn’t have a website.


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