February Camera Roll Show and Tell

Camera roll show and tell! I’ve decided that’s what I’ll start to post on here for however long it lasts to catch you up on what’s going on around here and share some links.

Goodwill frames

Saturday morning I popped into SAS Fabric stores to pick up some fabric and decided to pop into the Goodwill and found these two frames, no glass no backs for $5.50 each.

I liked the blue silk and decided they should just come home with me. I’ll figure out what to do with them later.

Gardening gear at 99 Cents

The 99 Cents store has great gardening things and I bought these bamboo hoops for the garden, well for my dad’s garden when I go home to see my parents. Dad will need some help and I thought I’d buy a bit and bring it out to Nor Cal. I also need to remember to bring bamboo sticks so we can make them into a trellis.

Installed crown molding

I took an evening when Benjamin was out of town to put my silver molding up in the closet. It is silver and very thin, like I tried to take it out and it cracked in half it’s so thin but I had enough extra. I did it! I wouldn’t say the corners are great but it’s done. I thought about hiring someone but truthfully I don’t want anymore people over. I’m tired and I would rather do it myself to avoid scheduling and interacting right now. So yay me!

Farmers market salad servers 

I spotted these garden tool salad servers out shopping and laughed and really wanted them! Then I thought could I use actual garden tools if they were new? 

Found them on Wayfair if you’re interested. I really want them!

Swapped the lamp shades

I’ve wanted to replace the basic lamp shades for years but you know, other things. Last spring I found solid green but they were so bright so I returned them. Then I saw these yellow plated shades and they were the perfect size — which was why it took a while! These are from The Enchanted Home online.

Buxom lip tint gloss

Buxom is one of my favorite brands and 95% of the time I’m wearing a Buxom lip something on my lips! They sent over this massive box of colors in their new line, Sheer tints of the Plump Shots and they are amazing as always! 

If you aren’t sure what color you’d be, there is a cool try on feature so it shows you when you click the button and it uses your phone camera!

Rabbit placemats for Easter

Spotted these rabbit place mats from Hester & Cook are adorable but pricey for each. I need to use the Peter  Rabbit everything I have collected and not used for two years! Once I am done with that set I can move on and buy another.

Hinge Ball Pins

I changed the pins in the hinges to my closet because they were the basic flat hinges. All our hinges are black, and if I were to do it again, I would have a polished nickel finish. But it’s too late and there are too many doors so we will be OK with what we have, and it’s still cute!

I change each pin by itself so the door is still supported by the other hinges. You can google hinge ball pins and different ones should pop up, and some aren’t balls but other designs which are just as lovely.

99 Cents store Placemats

Darling! They come in blue, green, and pink! I bought 8 green and 6 blue, but I think I need 6 more blue because why not. They are a tight woven paper, I thought they were plastic but I tried to clean one and noticed the wet spot lingered and it wouldn’t if it had been plastic. 

Mini planter

I found this tiny planter for $1 and found out it was 75% off knick knacks! So .25 cents! Ah!

Then I found a mini ivory at the nursery for probably $4 I think and it fit in there after I chopped off some of the dirt and it fit in! They sell this size at Williams Sonoma.


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