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Conture Skin Anti-Aging Device for Face and Neck

Conture Face + Neck Skin Enhancement System (c/o QVC)

The other night Benjamin heard this buzzing coming from my bathroom.

“What are you doing in there?” he yelled from the other room.
“I’m trying to look younger,” I shouted back.
Laughing, he said, “Why don’t you just get a face lift?” He was kidding of course.
“I don’t need one yet,” I said.

He walked in to see what I was doing and laughed until I told him to look at the box – because it had before and after and he’s like, “Woah, that’s amazing.”

I don’t know about you but before and after photos are pretty powerful. This isn’t the first skincare device I’ve tried – but what I like about this (upon initially getting it just a few days ago) is that you can feel it. It gently lifts and releases skin and moves your face which you can hear, feel and see, unlike something you just hold to your face and leaves you wondering, “Is this doing anything?” It’s a similar technology used in med-spas and skin centers.

I also like the digital screen.

QVC Beauty sent me this Conture system, it’s a kinetic skin toning system that’s been clinically tested and proven with impressive photo results.

There are 3 settings on the digital menu, face, neck and mild to improve the appearance of –

  • Crow’s feet and brightness
  • Pore size and texture
  • Lifts and firms
  • Skin tone and smoothness

The stats were pretty crazy after an 8 week study when it was used 2x a day – you have to check them out.

This product is out today on QVC and I’ll just drop this link right here so you can check it out and see some before and afters. Maybe you’ll want to add this to your skincare routine! xx

Thanks QVC for sending this product to share with my readers.

serena and lily bamboo rattan coastal lanai mirror

Office Mirror

Serena & Lily Lanai Mirror in large (c/o)

I’m organizing each shelf, drawer, and looking closely at the walls in every room – it’s time to reevaluate my home style between summer travels.  Mr. Wonderful calls this behavior “nesting” and creating a home is what I love to do since I was a little girl. I’d push furniture around and rearrange my room every other week (I always somehow convinced my little brother to help me). I’d make my own wallpaper in my teen room with hand drawn signs by friends and tape them all over the wall along with magazine advertisements and make my own room border!

It’s kinda like what shop owners do, they move around product on shelves so every time you visit it feels different and fresh! I gravitate toward cottage and coastal home style (everything Serena & Lily, really) – for me that’s just my kind of way to relax. This mirror  Serena & Lily sent is wrapped in natural rattan and fits our home decor perfectly!  When it comes to selecting pieces for our space I make sure the object can be moved within other parts of the house.

serena and lily bamboo rattan coastal lanai mirrorserena and lily bamboo rattan coastal lanai mirror

This mirror would look gorgeous in a bathroom (comes in a smaller size), entryway, over a mantel, dresser – one of the things I’m most excited about is that I can move it in another room – haha. In fact, I made Benjamin carry it all around our house, turn it both ways and thought – yes it looks good here, and here and there too!

He’s like, “You didn’t think about this before you got it where it was going to go?” I said, “No, I just knew it would work anywhere and I had to have it.” Now you know what it’s like being married to me.

serena and lily bamboo rattan coastal lanai mirror

Then of course I narrowed it down, sent a quick text of the 3 spots to my girlfriend Kate (who seriously needs to blog and her fashion and home style is impeccable). You know those friends who you go with whatever they say? That’s Kate to me. We had a good chuckle over Benjamin’s face in some of the photos, oh husbands! The things they put up with us crazy decorators!

Anyway, I think the office was the winner, especially with the DIY IKEA rope bookshelf I made a few years ago (below). I am dreaming of our home expansion and furnishing it all with Serena & Lily! Oh and the tassel curtains are from Serena & Lily as well, incase you thought the name rang a bell!

Thank you Serena & Lily for providing this mirror for me to review.

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