7 organized closets and spaces

Are you in organization mode? Whether it’s because of the new year like most of us, or spring cleaning, here are some of my closets and links to the posts for more organization inspiration!

green white stripe wallpapering closetThe guest room closet (which after a year turned into the entertaining closet)

have made at least four trips already to my nearest hospice thrift store and donated clothes to a sex-trafficking survivor organization. It feels great to get rid of items but also give to the charities we want to support. So before you donate to Goodwill, think about some organizations you are passionate about and ask them if they accept donations!

Now that I’ve told you what to do with your things (haha), I wanted to share some of my spaces with you and the links as well so you can get some inspiration. Keep in mind these are very organized for the blog and in real life might be a little less folded neatly…but everything has its place and the wallpaper is always a fun touch!

Master reach-in closet makeover

tiny closet makeover with removable wallpaper reach in closet ideas organization small spaces

The closet in our 1952 master bedroom is tiny, like reach in closet tiny. There are some before photos on this blog post that shows how yucky it was before I had a handyman come help with a new efficient closet. It was also great to add in my first removable wallpaper which changed the vibe tremendously! Check out my tiny closet makeover. This closet has been featured in so many online publications and even HGTV magazine!

The green stripe closet

green stripe closet for guests lemon drawer liner

This green and white striped guest closet was right after we complete the expansion which was by the Murphy bed. We had thought this would be extra storage for us and of course that’s why it looks pretty empty. Then I started to easily fill it up and realizing short term guests were happening more than long term guests, we turned this closet into the entertaining closet for my entertaining items – which is very close to the dining room.

The Entertaining Closet Pantry

Party closet pantry linen storage ideas

And this is when I started behaving like a pirate and collected silver plated items and needed a place to store them! Then the linen collection needed to be hung somewhere so I added it here and it was just perfect right off the dining room! So the guest closet turned into my entertaining pantry/closet.

The home photo studio

home photo studio organization

The former storage now turned home studio is approximately 15×14 in size. We painted and cleared out a lot of storage and made it my home photo studio to allow me to work on photo projects. It has been a great use of space and brought in some good income. You can check out the reveal and how I organized.

If you want to see behind the curtain here of the studio storage and organization.

Blogger Home Office Closet

home office closet California closets blogger photographer lens organization

A home office closet deserves attention and organization. I didn’t realize this until after I met with a CC consultant and I realized I couldn’t live without the plan for an efficient home office closet they gave me! I needed something beautiful to be more efficient and it made my closet more functional for all my items. It’s gorgeous and I am so glad we did it! Check it out here and if you’re a photographer or even any creative with lots of gear, I hope this helps give you some inspiration on how to organize your items.

Lens and Camera equipment drawer organization

lens organization for photographers ideas camera equipment closet storage

I had mentioned organization lenses, here’s a more in depth look into the drawers of my lens organization! There are some ideas on how to better organize equipment or whatever marketing materials or tech equipment you may have so you can easily find them and put them away. It has really made my daily work life easier.

Hallway Linen Closet

linen hallway closet organization ideas

One of the most neglected space was our linen closet in the hallway outside my bathroom. I’m so glad I can keep a lot of things in here though, like beauty backup, toilet paper, etc. I used bins from Target and the 99 Cents Only Store. The labels are from The Container Store, check out the blog post to see all the links. It is so great to have a space for overflow.

Blog post link for more details and links to products

And that’s about all my organization space that I’ve shared! I hope you are inspired to use some pretty drawers liners or surprise wallpaper in your closets. Speaking of closets, I’m looking forward to sharing the new master closet journey which will be an expansion toward the orchard. It’ll be 90% mine says Benjamin :) He will then take over the original reach-in closet and then we will need to redo his home office closet to be efficient like mine!

Diana Elizabeth says there is always more to purge, but she’s done a very good job. She keeps a bag or box on her bench outside her door and fills it up, and will drop it off when she’s out and about, it feels nice to let things go!


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