Studio Storage and Organization


The most fun part – organizing all the stuff I own! It took us a few weeks to decide what to eliminate and keep. I said goodbye to a lot and gave things to my friends.

Personal Storage

We had a total of seven basic metal storage shelving and we decided to keep 4.

While I wanted to spray paint everything white, Benjamin said he wasn’t going to partake in that tedious project so I opted to paint the boards instead which made much more sense. Of course if it were up to me I’d probably spray paint the shelving gold haha! But let’s be real, it’s to hold our storage so practical with pretty resulted in a compromise – keep the metal gray and paint the shelving boards white.

home-photography-studio-storage-tour-photographer-blogger-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-1919Holiday Ornament Dividers

home-photography-studio-storage-tour-photographer-blogger-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-1920Clear Heavy Duty Plastic Latch Tote / Black Utility Tote

^^ I also condensed out Christmas decor to two boxes. Ornaments in one, decor in the other. The large plastic tote will have our other two trees – yes I have 3 trees, 2 being small ones for our offices.

Wayfair sent some amazing products by IRIS, lots of general storage for just about everything. It was great to trade out mismatched plastic tubs with missing lids I had collected over the years for the correct size for my needs.

Studio Storage

This is the south wall of the storage/studio which I am able to hide with an IKEA ceiling mount curtain system.


On the north side, which is my photo area, I was able to have more fun!

We headed to IKEA and bought a shelving unit with drawers – a pretty one to showcase my props for photography and blogging shots along with hiding the things I need that are less attractive but I need. These colorful plastic storage baskets came in handy – just the pop of cheer I like. They come in a bright green as well which I have my eye on.

home-photography-studio-storage-tour-photographer-blogger-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-1885home-photography-studio-storage-tour-photographer-blogger-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-1934 home-photography-studio-storage-tour-photographer-blogger-arizona-diana-elizabeth-blog-1948

And of course because I think utility can meet beauty, this 3-step folding step stool in pink was a must have for the times I need to be elevated for flat lay shots, hanging Christmas lights or as you can already tell I’ve used it for reaching high up places to paint.

I liked having everything off the ground, something about it just makes the ace feel more organized and airy.


Featured Items


Products by IRIS, (c/o) Wayfair

See full studio reveal post here.

Thank you IRIS and Wayfair for providing the storage solutions for my studio.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.

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