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Our Home Tour on Homeworthy!

The first Phoenix Homeworthy tour was us! Ahhhhh! The video went up Friday morning and I woke up to texts telling me but I won’t tell you what time I received them. I’ve been staying up late ok… *haha*

Anyway I decided ok, well let’s get some friends over last minute to watch this because I’m way too nervous to watch by myself and Benjamin had a long day at work in the car so he of course didn’t have 45 minutes to watch on his own.

I ordered Postino delivery and had Brenna and Vicky over because let’s also admit telling your friends around 11 am to come over in 7 hours isn’t really how everyone’s schedule works when we’re all living in 2024. And that’s ok!  I didn’t want a ton of people over anyway because it’s a lot of pressure! 

The experience was very enjoyable and I was having the time of my life just chatting and doing the longest show and tell I’ve ever done in my life. I could have easily taken more time if they let me but perhaps this makes me think about what I want to share on Instagram or the blog in the future? I always share everything on the blog.

Someone commented I never said an um or filler words and I laughed because I was definitely thinking but I think I was so excited to share that there was not enough time to breathe to say um! I had to share all my things! Ha! 

Side note about the blog: Posts prior to 2020 have been drafted and sadly, posts 2018-2019 have been permanently deleted I think by accident??? It kills me because those were some posts of really important fun things in my life but maybe I will work on reposting and with some updates!

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Now for the scoop on some behind the scenes you might want to know about Homeworthy!

  • The sit down interview part before the interview begins is filmed at the end of the sit down interview.
  • The intro is also redone at the end to see if the host has loosened up. They used my second intro after my interview so I guess I did!
  • The 15 minute interview is done first then the home tour which is about an hour. Then b-roll is shot after (the host doesn’t have to be involved but I chose to help to make it quicker because it was a lot!).
  • The door opening for the start of the tour is done last after the home tour is filmed.
  • My intro that was used was actually not something we thought would be used. So here’s the short story. There is a generic script and I did it and I’m sure it was great, but after I told Ashley I had one in mind and she said, “Let’s do it!” so we went back outside and I said what I said but I really thought they wouldn’t use it and after Ashley and the videographer were laughing and she said, “Would you kill me if we used that?” and I thought oh my gosh what did I just say is she serious. Then I said, “If you think that’s the best take and will be well received, sure!” and I meant it. I just wish I wasn’t so casual about it because I genuinely thought they wouldn’t use it and were just filming for fun haha! Anyway I am glad they used it because it’s what I came up with and very me. And I got a lot of stuff to show!
I picked my dress, an old Lilly Pulitzer dress I purchased many years ago on sale and I thought it was ideal because I would not blend into my house which is mainly blue and white. I also feel very strong and vibrant and happy when I wear Lilly Pulitzer, a brand I have worked with for years.

Funny texts from my dad and brother…

Thank you for watching and thanks to Chris Innes for staying as long as he did to get the shots. He definitely over delivered and overworked and I am thankful for his help and attention to detail and care. 

I screenshot some comments that truly warmed my heart and I want to remember. Thank you for the support!!!


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