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It has been a while since I’ve talked about skincare but I needed to make post about something that I swear has changed the size of my pores! And well it has been a while and that’s OK because why not do another post in this stage of life?

I double cleans now! It’s what Koreans do and I’m sure some have been doing this for a while, but I swear it’s changed my skin so much! I know the trend is catching on thanks to social media, but why didn’t I have this sooner? Why did I ignore the 20 step Korean skincare?

I double cleanse with:

My pores have totally changed in appearance!

Primer, Foundation and Powder

I have a new foundation I’m obsessed with and it is also a clean beauty product! After I attended a class with RMS Beauty at Citrine and bought a ton of new makeup, I am hooked! I feel like I’ve been on the hunt for a good foundation for the last 5 years and not happy with what I was finding. Then I thought maybe the Giorgio Armani foundation was working but it was still just OK for me. 

Then RMS Beauty just did it for me! The primer and foundation has made my skin look so good and the coverage is great, also you can get a refill so it’s cheaper in the future. I would get color matched at Citrine if you are in Phoenix. I have two colors, 33 and 44 and I use them both.

Also buy this RMS foundation brush! It is amazing! And this powder is fantastic and I would get a tint instead of the translucent.


I still get my monthly light chemical peels which I have been getting for the past 10 years. I swear that has been helpful over the past few years.

I get Xeomin but maybe 2-3x a year so not often and only 15-22 units since I don’t need much which is great! I can’t do Botox as I had a bad reaction and it also is way too intense for me!

Anyway, it felt great to get rid of some skincare and makeup and have less choices. I am getting ready quicker and I am thankful to have products I love and am excited to use!

Photography by Brian Goddard 


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