How to make a jasmine vine wall trellis, climbing vines, what to do with a blank wall.

How to make a diamond patterned trellis vine wall

ur jasmine wall is one we get asked about a lot, how did we do it? Well, we had a handyman, but fear not, I created another one later and I can give you some tips and give you the tools you will need.


The ideal way to figure this out is the height, figure out how many diamonds you can fit in there. These examples shown are 22″ or 46″ wide. I would not go any less than 22″ because it will be too small. 

This below is 46″ wide with just one diamond. If you want a lot of little diamonds, you will make them smaller, like 22″ wide and space them at the bottom closer. this will also require more plants. I’ll explain below.

How to make a jasmine vine wall trellis, climbing vines, what to do with a blank wall.

Materials you need to make a wall trellis

What you need (Amazon Links Below):

1. Plug anchors (there are different!)

Ideal plants/vines for wall trellis climbing

I prefer the star jasmine vine. Our location gets morning sun which is best for it or else it will scorch. We added drip irrigation.

Find a vine that does not grab but rather grows tall. Ones to avoid are cats claw (messy!) and creeping fig as they can damage walls and fences.

I went to the nursery and bought the smallest gallon of climbing star jasmine I could find.  I couldn’t buy 13 huge ones, I wanted to save money and patience would just have to come. I untangled each plant’s vines and wrapped them around the wall just going up on both sides. Clip the vines that are growing the wrong way.

Here is HOW TO INSTALL a diamond trellis –

  1. Determine your diamond pattern size: Measure the wall width and divide by the numbered diamonds you would like. TIP: Do not go less than 22″ wide. What I show you is 46″ wide.
  2. Tape a string to assist with marking the top, middle, and center of diamond. Use chalk to mock up size.
  3. When satisfied, drill diamond points and hammer wall plugs.
  4. Plant the vine at the base of the diamond.
  5. Untangle each plant’s vines and wrap it around the wire going up on both sides – I love star jasmine, it does not stick to walls yet is trainable.
  6. Once planted, clip the vines that are growing the wrong way (toward you). It will allow the plant to put more energy to grow taller.
  7. ALL DONE!
    Water well, fertilize, and allow vines to overlap. Occasionally trim when necessary. 

My vine walls in phases

Let’s look back at some old vine photos. It’s crazy to see my backyard like this, completely bare and now it’s filled with trees and the wall is covered. Let this be encouragement to all of you if you are starting with a barebones no personality backyard. We all start from somewhere.

You can see how 22″ is enough, don’t go smaller than that. You also don’t need to touch the very bottom of the soil, a few inches above is good. This might seem like too much but it really is gorgeous to have a lot of little diamonds.

white cinderblock wall with small jasmine training into a trellis diamond pattern

Within two years it looked like this –

white cinderblock wall with small jasmine training into a trellis diamond pattern progression photos

How to maintain A VINE TRELLIS

I used to trim them every spring so they would stay in a diamond shape. It really took forever. It’s exhausting and I decided to let it be. I will take a hedger and cut anything that pokes out from the wall. Anything between the eyelet screws can be quite difficult. Some seasons I hire my friend Jill to come and help me prune everything, the roses, citrus and the vine wall.

I suggest if you live in Phoenix to cut them as soon as the cooler weather hits because you have a good few months of non crazy jasmine growing time. They grow like a weed in the spring so there’s no point cutting at the start of spring or else all your pruning goes to waste.

Here are the tools all on Amazon: eye screws with plug anchors with floral wire – and to get the eyelet screws secured to any cinderblock wall you’d probably want some plastic anchors and a good drill bit for the material you are drilling into – concrete block or wood. It truly is worth the work and patience, it’s just beautiful and a great way to fill up a wall and bring in greenery.

Now we have a new area and here’s what I did instead – large diamonds! I simply measured the entire width and divided by a guess of numbered diamonds I’d like, adjusted it until I was happy with the spacing, which I recommend around 40″ if you want a large diamond. 

The top and bottom row are aligned, and then I divided the width and started my next line with dots so I knew where to drill for the eyes crews. You can use chalk and see if you like the look before you start drilling.

vine wall trellis how to

how to train jasmine vine wall

vine wall trellis idea backyard how to

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section.

*This post has been updated from it’s original publish date on October 4, 2017.


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  • Kathleen

    Is there a vine that will grow in zone 7 for this purpose? I don’t think star jasmine will survive here.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Kathleen, a quick Google search told me that star jasmine is for zone 7 to 10 so you should be good!

    • Lauren Mangold

      I live in zone seven and I feel like I’m going to need to take my star jasmine, which I have planted in planters, inside for the winter. I guess this would not help the diamonds to continue to fill-in.

  • Terri

    I love this look! Thanks for directing me to your link. I will see if my husband and I can do and keep you posted.

  • Alice

    Hi! I love the large diamonds. So pretty. Can you grow this on top of cement from a pot?

  • Fanny

    Hi, i found your post a couple of years ago and decided to do this project as well. My wall is not completely filled yet. There are some diamonds that are getting much thicker than others and would love to get your opinion on how to best tuck in or organize the new shoots. Will be happy to share pictures. Thank you.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Fanny, yes that’s pretty natural how vines grow. You can trim back the other vines so they look less thick. I tie my vines to the wire as they grow with a green twine or clips – the 99 Cents only store has some great ones!

    • Fanny

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it

  • Emma

    Hi! Did your jasmine, especially as it grew, attached to or damage the wall?

  • Andrew Ross

    How is the maintenance of the vines to keep the chic look? Is it time consuming?

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Andrew, great question. After it finally fills in after a few years, I would say I maintain it 1x a year. I focus on each diamond and cut what I need that comes inside the diamond or shoots out. I found that to be much easier. Also the less diamonds you have the easier to maintain.

  • Diane

    I went for two pairs of fous diamonds very large with the fountain in between and I am able to maintain the diamond shapes. It is awesome!

    • CHase

      Thanks for posting this. Updated pics of the wide diamond please! We are about to do this on the back of our house. How far apart is the new wall with the wide diamonds? I want to make sure ours is able to stay in the diamond pattern. Thanks!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Chase, I think you might have meant to direct this question to me – the update is the same, I just planted the large diamond. I just took the entire width of the wall and divided it by how many diamonds I would want, don’t go smaller than 22″ wide which is the width of the small diamond pattern. The large one is 46″ it doesn’t matter width of a pattern the vine will be able to stay in the pattern if you train it.

  • Mk

    I’m trying to convince Andrew to do this on one of our walls in our courtyard…he wants them to be square but likes the look a lot! I still have time to persuade him on the diamond shape


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