pagoda style umbrella black and white faux turf patio modern meets traditional style

Patio Furniture + Outdoor Color Combinations

pagoda style umbrella black and white faux turf patio modern meets traditional styleUmbrella / Teak side table / Patio Seating: (loveseat, club chairs)

ever waste being able to use a photo to bring you some content! I worked with Stella Artois for this campaign and I thought, while I need to stage and shoot this garden area before I can share you the completion, I can at least show you a glimpse. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter to be notified when a new post goes up so you don’t miss it!

Our patio furniture is from Target (loveseat, club chairs). There are also different configurations in the set to accommodate any patio size. I don’t recall the last time I bought furniture from Target if ever, but I was pleasantly surprised by the look and Emily Henderson said it was the most comfortable set so I was sold. Not bad for under $700. It’s actually supposed to be for the front patio but we’re still not sure how to put it out there without it being stolen or getting bird poop on it (it’s under a tree). One day we’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile, I’m filling our new garden area with all the teak furniture we own which is a lot (though expensive such an investment especially with this crazy dry hot sunny weather we have in Phoenix), like this teak club chair. You might remember my poppy teak chairs that look like roses, and I will leave this set here for a bit to enjoy. It’s crazy to think we have so much backyard patio and entertaining space right now.


Our pagoda umbrella was a longtime ago purchase on One Kings Lane and while it wasn’t cheap by any means, it is still with us. The frame broke and I had to buy a new one through California Umbrella and put it together (also not easy) but here we are, less in the landfill and still enjoying it. I’ll let you in on a secret – it’s actually a navy and white umbrella but my handy-dandy Photoshop skills turned it into a black and white pagoda umbrella. It’s a color I’d prefer today since we changed the color of our home from blue, to black and white, but I’ll happily live with what we have now and be content! I can always change it on the screen *wink* I do suggest a GREAT patio umbrella though, it brings so much personality to a space and is worth the splurge!


My tip is pick your colors, like you would indoors. You can do this for different areas of your home – we have several patios areas so some can be colorful and others can stay black and white, think of those outdoor spaces as different rooms. It will help you decide what to purchase. If you have more than one outdoor space, I suggest at least making one colorful! A great color combo aside from classic black and white would be pink and green, spa blue and green, and dark blue and spa blue. You could get basic furniture and use pillows and umbrellas to bring in the colors – this helps with easily swapping out colors if you grow tired of them.

patio furniture color combination ideas

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