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Favorite Home Changes Made – over the past two years

ver the past three years we’ve had a lot of changes around here, starting with the garden room, to the open-air garage, kitchen garden, backyard, and so on.

I wanted to share these spaces with you with a before and after, and links to the full reveal. It seems as though our home went full steam ahead with transformations and I am glad it did! I feel grateful and I also look forward to showing you the new closet when it is done!

The backyard

I never knew a backyard could look this finished until Benjamin insisted we do something before my big 40th birthday soire! I am so glad he wanted to work on the backyard because once it completed, I couldn’t believe my eyes on how elevated and completed it looked. Here’s the blog post for the backyard reveal.

Six years ago


Garden Room (Home Expansion)

It takes a while to make a room look more filled and there’s really no rush. I had went with neutral colors and clearly you know me, I now really like color in EVERYTHING especially my clothes. So I went to estate sales really heavily to transform the garden room and the living room (to share more below). There was really nothing wrong with the garden room only that I would not have bought any of the furniture today and I wanted something a bit more special and felt like it was glamorous, pretty, and unique.

Read more about the recent transformation of the garden room and where I sourced some items.

Two years ago

If this look resonates with you a bit more, you can see the blog post reveal I did a few years ago here.


The Kitchen Garden

I can’t believe it’s only been two years enjoying this unused front yard turned kitchen garden space but I am so thankful for it! More backyard space and a great idea thanks to my father-in-law, we have more property to enjoy privately.

Two years ago


Living Room

I went from a beige neutral living room to blue and white! I kept the Pottery Barn couch and got it recovered with a custom cover with pleats from Comfort Works. Then it was upgrade after upgrade from antique stores and estate sales. If you want to see the latest transformation blog post with all the details, click here.

Two years ago


I’m not done yet, I need a larger rug and this photo is a bit old, it has the older fan. We got a newer fan and it’s larger and gorgeous but I just wanted to show you the color swap!

Guest Bathroom

We had built this about three years ago with the home expansion/garden room and it was a clean slate which I had at the time preferred with my many blog and influencing campaigns wanting a clean canvas. Adding wallpaper then a year later painting the vanity green was a huge transformation for this plain bathroom.

After a while though it got boring. It felt a bit too clean and boring and I was done making my home stay a specific way for brands when I wanted my home to look like me and focus on that. So I installed wallpaper and painted the vanity green!

Two years ago


Diana Elizabeth has another project, a mini one she is working on, Benjamin’s office closet! Yep, he gets a work closet and she will be wallpapering it and he insists he really needed one…


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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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