blue white pleated couch with bottom pleats and contrast piping comfort works, grandmillenial style decor blog

Our Living Room though the years – and a new ming coffee table!

“I bought something, it was $82 and I need your help to pick it up…” was all I text Benjamin before I would tell him I bought a coffee table.

ming chinoiserie black coffee table blue and white grand millennial living room decor

ur front room, we call it the living room but perhaps technically it’s a family room – has been undergoing its latest refresh over the past year since we started with the new slipcover made with pleats on the Pottery Barn comfort roll sectional. I ordered it from Comfort Works and it was worth the cost instead of buying new furniture.

However, the coffee table I swore I would keep for at least 10 years from Anthropologie was just looking too small. I way overpaid for it too btw, I cringe thinking of the cost. So I was a little worried about replacing it. Good news – the old round coffee table went into Benjamin’s office, but now we need to find another spot for the coffee table my dad made that I love. I just wish I had all the room in the world for all the things I love.

I blame the late Mario Buatta for this coffee table, and I love it and I’m obsessed. His book is one of my favorites, top 5 for sure and I highly recommend it for those of us who love traditional, chintz, high end sophisticated over the top English home.

The evolution of my living room in photos


We moved in two years ago and was slowly furnishing our space, I started with a semi neutral color palette going for Florida/East Coast look


Decided to go cottage core look. Truthfully, it was because it was most affordable for me.


Started to go coastal look without the seashells.


Tried to upgrade a little, got custom pleated curtains made and a new Anthro coffee table. Painted the entire house white when we did our expansion project.


Bought new side chairs, swapped room rugs, ordered a custom sofa cover.


ming chinoiserie black coffee table

A new coffee table and console table with additional thrifted finds helped complete the look!

It feels like the game Can You Spot the Difference – haha!! Maybe we should focus on what has stayed the longest – the mango wood cabinet, the couch that just got recovered, and the two architectural prints. Oh and the ceiling fan which is waiting for a replacement once we can agree. I would like a chandelier but Benjamin wants a fan so we must give him his joy somewhere around here.

living rom silhouettes over the flagstone natural fireplace grandmillennial style home phoenix Arizona Diana Elizabeth stacked stone fireplace

Kathy Kuo coastal style living room blue and white Bungalow 5 Meredith Modern Classic Blue Grasscloth Wood Media Cabinet
Bungalow 5 Meredith Modern Classic Blue Grasscloth Wood Media Cabinet (smaller sideboard in various colors)

I’ll show a few things I’ve thrifted and tell you the prices if I can remember. The silver candlestick holders were from Savers and about $5 each, the glass basketweave crystal which was also from an Estate Sale on the 50% off day for $3.50. (below)

silver candle sticks thrifted antique thrift blogger blog
porcelain monkey chinoiserie style home decor grandmillennial stacked on designer books Mario Buatta

The monkey. I could cry he was so cute and playful!! I was supposed to get him for $10 but I think I actually paid $20 because the guy who rang me up accidentally pushed the wrong button. This is a reminder to check the receipts like my mom always said. Now I add it tip on my phone to make sure the totals add up. I know what is $10 but still, it’s the fact I thought I was getting a really good deal. He was originally tagged at $40 but I thought that was steep and since I bought quite a bit (the same place as the ming table) she cut me a deal. It never hurts to ask if you buy a lot from the same place.

blue white pleated couch with bottom pleats and contrast piping comfort works, grandmillenial style decor blog

The ribbon project that I did behind the architectural print frames I bought over 15 years ago can be seen here. I have always visualized them long term in my space when I bought them in my mid twenties at an antique store. I love seeing them in my space over the years. They were actually a set of 4 and the other two are in our master bedroom. When I bought them my boyfriend at the time told me I looked liked I had tears in my eyes. I paid $400 for the 4 set and it was a lot of money for me to put down at that age but I just had to go for it. Proof that if you invest in what you know you love, it will stay with you through the years and in this case for my entire life.

blue white pleated couch with bottom pleats and contrast piping comfort works, grandmillenial style decor blog

blue white pleated couch with bottom pleats and contrast piping comfort works, grandmillenial style decor blog

Also that flower table I scored for $25! I found it in a corner of an antique store and I had no place for it, but there it is! There are still things that need to be replaced but I’m just waiting for the right thing. I won’t point them out because that’s like pointing out flaws, but know that I’m always keeping my eyes open and I’ll share those changes later!

Finding a ming coffee table at an estate sale is going to be tricky but so if you want one now, check out these around the web at the end of this post. Meanwhile here’s some inspo of some spaces around the web.

Interior design by Becky Nielsen / Image from

Interior design by Mario Buatta / Image from

Interior design by Mario Buatta / Image from

Ming tables to buy around the web –

ming tables around the web to buy

Diana Elizabeth’s photo studio now is her personal home goods holding area. Overflow of furniture but she swaps them in and out. It’s nice to have space to move the furniture to.


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    I love the combination of styles you showed in this post! The Ming Coffee Tables really stand out to me, especially the one with the green top. Have you considered sharing some DIY tips on how to distress the wood to give it a more authentic look?


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