picture bow frame hanger for artwork using ribbon and making it into a flat bow to look French

Ribbon Bow Picture Hanger for Artwork and Picture Frames

I wanted to make a pretty ribbon bow picture hanger for my frames – this wasn’t the intended frame but it fit nicely in my blue and white room! It was very easy, see how I did it!

picture bow frame hanger for artwork using ribbon and making it into a flat bow to look French

s I’ve been going through design books more and more lately, I get inspiration and so many ideas begin to flood my brain! I first saw the most iconic ribbon picture frames from Mario Buatta, known as the Prince of Chintz  – his wall with painted dogs (this was the auction house after he passed to display his items for auction) –

Photo by Lacelliese King – link to TheGlamPad.com for more images

Here it is with the designer Mario in his home. You can see more in this amazing book about all of Mario’s work – here on Amazon. Spoiler – Mario has decorated Mariah Carey’s apartment in New York!

I thought about these types of raffia satin or silk bow but I thought I wanted them a bit more formal and structured. I think I saw a flat bow somewhere with a medallion in the middle but I couldn’t find it again so I had to create it in my imagination.

Image from TheGlamPad.com, link to see more

A little side by side comparison of the before and after –


AFTERpicture frame ribbon bow hanger French feeling for photos - how to do it! DIY ribbon frame

And this is what I came up with! I searched for a thick ribbon and then a medallion that would be the perfect size!

picture hanger in ribbon bow for frame how to make one

It was originally supposed to be used on different artwork but Benjamin didn’t like it and said it didn’t match the colors, not entirely true but okay. So I moved it to the front room and well of course that was totally fine because that room is all blue and white! I think it can formalize some art work, bring in some unique details too. If you think photos are boring just floating there, try getting some ribbon and see how you can spruce it up!

ribbon bow picture frame holder frame how to make one DIY with ribbonbow ribbon picture frame photo holder how to make it

This was a little day project I finally got around to – it took me a while to say it was OK to cut the ribbon because I was so nervous about it – not a cheap ribbon by any means but I didn’t want any to go to waste! I happened to have the exact perfect amount. Shown is 1 yard.

I hope this inspires you to create a little bow ribbon for your picture frames to really make them stand out!

You can pin this if you want to return to it in the future.

ribbon picture frame holder how to make one with two simple things - dress up the artwork on your walls



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