chin ribbon hat satin hat Emma style hat

Chin Ribbon Hats

chin ribbon hat satin hat Emma style hatblue satin ribbon chin strap hat scarf hat Emma inspiredribbon scarf chin strap hat Emma inspired gone with the wind

e after watching Emma two days in a row…

Have you watched Emma on Amazon Prime?  I finally saw it because my best friend came over who loves Jane Austin (I have two best friends who love JA) and we needed to celebrate her birthday with an adult sleepover. I saw the rental cost drop from $20 for a rental to $14.99 to purchase! Hurrah! It paid to wait, or be busy, whatever.

All I did was look at the costume and background, I mean, look at the adorable hats – and their ringlets.

Photos: Fox Universal

I’d also take Emma’s pink jacket.

I stared at every detail and paid no attention to the storyline which I know one of my favorite movies Clueless was loosely based upon. I then watched it the next day again and paid more attention to a little more about the story line.

But I still swooned over all the chin strap straw hats.

chin ribbon hats - Emma movie inspiration

A few weeks earlier I saw this gorgeous, stunning, dreamy chin ribbon straw hat (unavailable but also IF available, would be around $450 I’m guessing) by talented designer Behida Dolić Millinery.

Behida Dolić Millinery

I nearly lost my mind when I saw it, it was everything. Being creative, I naturally started to dream of possible ways I could make one, which one thing lead to another and I took an older hat and added two of these blue silk ribbons from Amazon.

chin ribbon hat satin hat Emma style hat

chin ribbon hat satin hat Emma style hat

You could find a ton of different silk scarves and wrap it around your head and put your favorite straw hat over it. Or pin the scarf underneath – whatever works for the look.

Here are some straw hats with scarves, and a few scarves, and hats with holes to swap out with a ribbon that I found so you could add to create the look.

Whether Emma inspired or maybe Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind which is my mom’s favorite movie, I think this look is just beautiful and classic. It gives me all the Southern and English country vibes.

Plus, if it’s a little windy and if your hat flies off at the beach or on your carriage, you will know it’s secure with your pretty ribbon chin strap!

Scarlett O'Hara gone with the wind hat

Diana Elizabeth felt very Mary Had a Little Lamb vibes too, LOL. It’s OK, she’s OK with that.

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