Mixing Metal Finishes in the Kitchen – New Light Options

here are some super random things I’m working on around the house – something I’m doing as I’ve become a little bored with not having home projects (bored is not the right word since I am rarely bored but you know what I mean). I’m just looking at the small things to change – like I already did with changing ball hinges around the house.

So I’m filling in the gaps like lighting, lamp shades, you know, moving things around. Anyway, here’s what I’m working on but not sure if I’ll actually do anything.

Here is the kitchen now, minus new barstools I’ve replaced. I’m thinking of swapping out the lights. But I’m not like oh my gosh I cannot stand them, more like, hmmm are there better options?


Skylights in the kitchen with VELUX - see before and after photos in this huge blog post

Because the silver barstools were throwing me off, I decided to crop the rest of the photos as I photoshopped the other lighting options.

I want to say I don’t consider appliances a finish. You either go black, white or stainless steel so those are your choices and they don’t count. Also, black or bronze isn’t really a finish either to me, or maybe it counts as half of one, it just doesn’t stand out.


kitchen mock up with brass and clear glass sconce
Brass with clear glass

May allow more light illuminate at night, also less brass given my brushed nickel hardware – the glass may work but then I have to dust them, haha.

kitchen mock up with black bronze sconce

Bronze finish

Sort of looks similar though right? Altho it’s neither good nor bad that it does. I would say this looks me intense than I’m sure it will actually look.

kitchen mock up with brass sconce

Brass finish

I liked this when I did it.  I just don’t know if this style lamp is too modern? Or is that ok?

Also, I have yet to even tell Benjamin I am considering doing this because with everything he will say things are fine. Then I buy the new barstools for example, or the new coffee table and he’s like, oh yeah, that looks better.


brass wall sconce

I want to keep our house a specific style – modern traditional with updated English cottage. I don’t know how else to describe it other than I want it to feel cozy, lived in, collected and have items in it that make you wonder what the story is behind them!

I will also share some kitchens with mixed metals for inspiration. I don’t think anyone actually stares to see how any metals you mixed correctly or not. If it looks good and different metals add depth, do it. I have a polished nickel faucet I just realized so I already have a ton of different metals. Not mad about it! It’s not like there really that many colors for finishes if you think about it.

Designer: Jean Stoffer Design

mixed metals in kitchen examplesDesigner: Jean Stoffer Design

mixed metal kitchensAlice Lane Interior Design

mixed metal kitchensmixed metals in the kitchenUrban Grace Interiors

A closer look at the above photo and I’m like look! 3 metals! Yesss, there’s bronze then the polished nickel and the brass lighting! I mean it can be done. I just want the “feels.”

Diana Elizabeth says between new lamp shades, new lamps and trying to keep the landscape alive, making decisions hasn’t been as rapid. Focus! 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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