Twilight Midnight Sun dinner party decoration idea vampire

Twilight Saga Midnight Sun Party: Decor, Costumes + Food

Twilight Midnight Sun dinner party decoration idea vampire
Twilight midnight sun vampire party decor ideas tables cape
vampire twilight dinner party midnight sun theme
Twilight Midnight Sun dinner party decoration idea vampire
twilight midnight sun dinner party vampire theme
vampire twilight dinner party midnight sun theme
vampire twilight dinner party midnight sun theme
vampire twilight dinner party midnight sun theme
vampire twilight dinner party midnight sun theme
vampire twilight dinner party midnight sun theme

appy Midnight Sun book release day! I cannot believe it actually is happening!! Can you? Just when we thought Stephanie Meyer wouldn’t complete the book after the chapters were leaked, here we are!

I wanted to celebrate and I also wanted to dress up – or more like, makeup my face to see what I would look like as a Twilight beauty (which you saw here in this post as I was a vampire and part of the wolf pack and Volturi!). So you can say I planned this intimate get together so I could finally do those things and thankfully, I have several girlfriends who love Twilight too!

I am grateful to have things that truly excite me and make me giddy, life is so short and my girlfriends always encourage me to love those things fiercely and that it’s a wonderful thing to be truly excited about things in life. Most of you know what that is for me – John Mayer, Mariah and Twilight! EEeeeEEEEeee! Aaaaand I’m a giddy again. Whatever makes you excited have fun with it and enjoy, it never matters what your age is – happiness and joy are ageless in life.

Twilight midnight sun party theme

It seemed easy to go with a black and red theme like the cover of the Twilight series. It could easily look Volturi style and while it could absolutely be beautiful, I wanted something a bit more unique, and you know me, I just want something whimsical. I decided to embrace the beauty of the PNW setting of Forks and blended the greenery and white wisteria as seen in Bella and Edward’s wedding that also meets woodsy, forest of Forks, Washington. Moss, ferns, using dripless black taper candles and pomegranates as a nod to the cover.

I found chocolate covered pomegranates as party favor gifts – I wanted pomegranate candles but couldn’t find any that are out yet.

The Twilight Tablescape and party decor

I was fortunate enough to stop into Michael’s at the right time and pick up a lot of spring faux greenery for 70% off. This saved me so much money, and I had a 20% off coupon for all regular priced items.  I found the moss runner and cut it in half so it would stretch across the entire table, and the crystal taper holders are actually from a friend’s baby shower. I loved them and asked if I could pay for some and take a dozen home with me after they were done, they are from the Dollar Store!

Spotify Twilight Party Playlist
Twinkle lights are a 4-set from Amazon. I debated between the cool or warm color and I am always a fan of warm lights. The dripless black taper candles are from Amazon, and the faux pomegranates I used as place card holders – I took my box cutter and did a small slice across the top for the card to slide in – oh, and the font of the name cards is Edward’s handwriting in the book. The round placemats are from Home Goods and give a woodsy vibe.

See all products and links on this blog post and at end of this post.

The Twilight Party Guest costumes

I have been planning this party for over a month with the concept and and trying to figure out if I thought any of my friends would actually come to a Twilight themed party??? I was thrilled to know they were happy to (I realized who some of them were when I started talking about the new book months ago and did a poll on which Team people where on – I kept a mental note).

Once I committed I was going to have a party, I made my guest list and I gave them enough time to get their outfit and look ready. It was SO fun to see them arrive in makeup and outfit looks and be just as excited I was! Also, if I could have hosted 100 I would have, but I would have gone broke, or been in jail given the current small gathering laws in place *wink* so I kept it to 8 for a comfortable yet still intimate evening.


twilight midnight sun theme party costume party vampire party

I rarely do costume parties it’s been SO long like Halloween in my mid-twenties! We all pretty much showed up as Twilight vampires – with Lauren who wins for being pregnant Bella drinking blood. I died. I love that she was up for that!! It means so much to me as a host that my guests take the request seriously yet also have fun with it. Here are some photos from the night.

twilight midnight sun theme party costume party vampire party

These souls are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Abby looked so much like Jane I stared at her wondering who was in my house, LOL. I didn’t recognize my own friend! I thought one of my friends brought another friend I was so confused! Some bought contacts as quickly as they could and looked so good! Here is a list of my friends who came if you want to check them out on social they are wonderful souls! Abby, Sommer, Lauren, Brandy, Jennifer, Meagan, and Brianna.

Twilight inspired party food

twilight midnight sun party cake pops in pomegranate shape and bite marks on cake pops

pomegranate drinks for midnight sun twilight party

cake pops for twilight midnight sun party

twilight party midnight sun

appetizers for twilight midnight sun party forrest vegetarian option
twilight midnight sun party cake pops in pomegranate shape and bite marks on cake pops

Bella and Edwards first date was at a restaurant. She ordered mushroom ravioli. I don’t remember this, I just came across it on a Google search and I thought ok, that’s it. Italian food it is ;)

Can you get over these pomegranate shaped cake pops?!  Thanks to my best friend Meagan for picking them up on her way in they are made from Sweet Fusion Events. I was so blown away by how huge they were and also gorgeous!! The detail! The pomegranates tasted like pomegranates!! I also picked up drinks that were pomegranate flavor, of course!

Also, I was so busy hosting and chatting I was thankful for Meagan and my friends dishing everything – actually all my friends are truly like family and know their way around the kitchen and always pitch in with prepping and cleaning up. I am truly the lucky one here.

Twilight Party Guest activities + Midnight Sun Party Favors

twilight midnight sun party activity photo booth area
twilight party favor midnight sun bookmark for the new book

I tried to make little books for my friends but they didn’t turn out as hoped and then I thought – what about bookmarks for their new books? I set up a little backdrop area with a ring light (for good lighting) and I brought out my Kodak Zinc Printomatic camera so they could take a photo of themselves and peel off the 2×3 photo and stick it on the bookmark! The bookmark would be a fun little memory and souvenir from a fun night all dressed up.

Going all out with the pomegranate theme, a nod to the cover, I picked up Brookside Dark Chocolate pomegranates! I had to stop into two Target’s to get enough for the party. I thought would be a fun sweet takeaway for my friends. I wanted to find pomegranate candles but I could not find many that I could get in time. Everyone likes food anyway right?
twilight midnight sun party favor idea chocolate covered pomegranates

vampire twilight dinner party midnight sun theme

twilight saga makeup photo Bella Swan Cullen Edward Cullen look twilight midnight sun party

Props and party decorations for a Twilight Party

Diana Elizabeth hopes her book arrives todayAmazon updated the delivery date back to the actual release date. Altho, she did think about going to a bookstore to see if there’s an Edward cut out…hmmmm.





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  • Michelle

    You are a Renaissance woman! Is there anything you can’t do? You should go into the party planning business :-) LOL you know, add another thing to your plate :-)

    Turned out amazing!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Aw thanks love, no business for me LOL you know that would ruin the fun. Wish you could have been there!!

  • Demi

    Omg so beautiful! I can’t wait to see the photos of everyone.
    Maybe instead of a cut out of Edward, you should do a cut out of Benjamin dressed up as a Vampire! hahahaha. That would be so funny.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Demi!! Did you get your book? Ah Benjamin was supposed to be here but he had to fly out of state to cover a case!! he definitely would have been the celebrity of the party right?? haha!


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