rainy day monsoon under large leaf in garden greenery and holding a basket, leaf umbrella woman Diana Elizabeth Blog

One Day of Rain

rainy day monsoon under large leaf in garden greenery and holding a basket, leaf umbrella woman Diana Elizabeth Blog

ell, Monsoon season was here and maybe it’ll come back? It came last week and it was so much fun to see it downpour in Central Phoenix area and I was hoping we’d get a few more days – nothing yet. *cry*

I had planned this little look for a while when I saw a garden documentary and saw someone walking around with a huge leaf (not this variety I’m holding) and waited for the right time. Sometimes a creative mood hits me and thankfully if Benjamin is home, he is always up for taking my photo really quick. So, a few shots and done. On my IG post I added a rain effect, see it here.

Twilight High

How are you? I have been listening to the Twilight soundtrack playlist I made on Spotify and my heart just flutters and gets a little sad at the same time listening. Sad because I want Twilight to last forever, literally, and happy that the music itself brings me so many fond memories of feels and excitement that I can feel through my bones after all these years! I LOVE the feeling and feel so blessed to have something (a few things) that get me squeal excited. Do you know the feeling?

I have to still put away a few things in the house from the Twilight dinner party back into the photo studio. Meanwhile I am reading Midnight Sun and watching Victoria on Amazon Prime TV (see this post on recommended British Drama), just truly living my best life hahahaa! Truly I’m not ready to go back to real life, buuuuuuut I spend money so I should get my booty back in focus to making it, I have some campaigns that need my attention.

I also want to make it to Forks, WA and stop at some of the Twilight spots. My best friend Meagan and I are probably going to make it happen we just need to figure out when and it’d be fun to invite everyone who made it for dinner to see if they wanted to come, right? Oh I’m giddy just thinking about it!

Decluttering + gifting

There are great perks for what I do, like PR packages and product exchanges of course, but nothing is free – except library books I suppose but our tax dollars pay for them so… that is life! My point is, a lot of things come in, but I am still pushing things out.

If you have a lot of things, consider donating to a single mom friend, or dropping off to charitable places. I am also aware if I don’t love the product, it’s not worth my creative time in exchange (see this post about how to protect your creativity).

I also find having the idea of being generous will help you get rid of things instead of keeping them for one day or backup beauty products (seriously by the time I need it, it will be three years). I am certain I’ll have another product sent!

Back to home + garden

I joked during Twilight dinner I guess I have to go back to home and garden. Boring – just kidding, it’s not! I love home and garden but it’s been so wonderful to be creative outside of the box and get dressed up, take photos just something else.  I love home stuff of course it makes me very excited and I could talk about it all day but wow was it nice to just take a little detour of creativity and see what else I had in me.

So we go back to the regularly scheduled program and I hope that the past month of creative editing and inspiration will be with me as I continue to move forward! Also check out my IGTV today for how I do my makeup in 10-15 minutes! Have a great weekend! xx

Diana Elizabeth says it has been nice to sit in the garden room in silence and get lost in a book. She’s getting all the feels when she’s reading Midnight Sun, sooooo good. 


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