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30 Novelty Bags – Add them to your closet!

Kate Spade watering can purse novelty bag

Eyelet Dress: Lilly Pulitzer / Watering can purse: Kate Spade / Sandals: YSL

ver the weekend we celebrated my friend Brenna’s birthday and my watering can purse got a bit of attention on social. So I’m sharing a blog post about novelty bags. Kate Spade has been known for novelty bags, pricey but one of a kind cute, and seems to be coming back out with fun novelty bags and I am so excited – it has been a few years since the brand started to really make them so I am awaiting patiently to see more drops.

Why novelty bags are fun – and why you should have one (and what to do when they are too little)

You should consider picking a novelty bag for vacations – like a taxi novelty bag for Chicago or a trip to New York, a lobster for a trip to New England.

If you’re concerned about them not fitting everything, that’s ok! I pulled the Carrie look with two bags.

Carrie - and just like that outfit, wearing two purses
carrie Sarah Jessica Parker in and just like that wearing two purses

I wore a smaller flat purse, an LV one with my water can purse. I love the look or two purses because – why not? Why keep size from stopping you from wearing something cute, just wear another cute bag! Also, wouldn’t it be nice to have a small one that keeps all your things in it and just add the daily one you switch out? Fashion is just fun.

Novelty bags around the web

Here are some more around the web – honestly if you just type in one of your favorite things and “bag” or “novelty bag” it will pull up any novelty bags that may exist. Amazon might have a few cheaper ones around the web.

Water can purse

You can buy the Kate Spade watering can bag NWT on Poshmark – the one I am wearing – here if it is sold, just google search the name “Kate Spade watering can bag”

Here is another watering can purse by Ted Baker that gives similar vibes and was much cheaper than my Kate Spade bag, I kind of want it too (but I won’t because I need to buy another novelty purse) –

watering can purse Kate Spade ted baker

^^ Watering can purse


30 novelty bags around the web - ted baker Kate Spade taxi cab flower orange purse theme

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 (bargain) / 7 / 8 (bargain)

Also check out this site for more novelty beaded handbags, there are some fun ones like a guitar, Vegas jackpot slot machine, so may cute ones! I would have added them to the boutique but they aren’t with Reward Style so I can’t add the thumbnails. Boo.

Anyway, I hope you add some fun novelty bags to your closet! I’m going to buy this teapot novelty bag!

Diana Elizabeth just bought a Kate Spade flower keychain to add to her waterman bag – she had it in her cart for a hour then it sold out and she had to call a FL location to have one sent to her! Sheesh! 

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