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Book launch week

My book In Repair: How to Heal from a Broken Engagement is out, and this is book launch week (unintentional) and I spoke at Rock Point Church with my former counselor who wrote my foreword!

broken engagement book in repair Diana Elizabeth Steffen author how to heal from a broken engagement adviceAt Rockpoint Church, Queen Creek, AZ with my counselor Gini Larsen of Biblical Hope Counseling

t’s all happening so fast. I have been working on this book for over two years I just realized, perhaps even three – and here we finally are! Then I finally shared it with the world that something was happening and this week has been a whirlwind. Early book released (I realized I couldn’t control the release date on Amazon for an actual book) and the interviews were already scheduled months out which made it the perfect time to have the release.

speaking at rock point church about in repair: how to heal from a broken engagement book. Advice about a breakup christian bookin repair: healing from a broken engagement book author Diana Elizabeth Steffen^^ My love Brenna Heater coming to support me and I signed my first book!

Friends already started buying as soon as they could, and started sharing and I am forever grateful for the collection of friends I have. I have always always dreamed and prayed to have such an amazing support group and have worked hard to invest in them and I feel so supported.

On the stage (which the 6:30 pm session was recorded and I will share it in this post and update it when I get the link), Gini asked me questions, we went through my testimony of the relationship, and how I felt called to write the book. Trust me no one wants to write 44,000+ words about the most annoying thing that happened to them. But yet, God put it on my heart and even when I work on the audible, I feel as though I didn’t write it. I barely remember writing these words, was that really me?

broken engagement advice book how to heal from a broken engagement broken engagement breakup book by Diana Elizabeth Steffen how to deal with a broken engagement advice

I received a few messages since the book has come out from those who are healing from a broken engagement and it has made me cry.

To be used in this way is such an honor and it reaffirms that I listened to what God put on my heart and I am glad I was obedient to his calling.

audio book on broken engagement book in repair: how to heal from a broken engagement

And now we work on the audible version. I hadn’t planned on doing an audible but a few asked and I thought why not. So I bought a mic, then looked into it and it took a while to set up, it was not so simple. After an hour of figuring gout presets and thanks to YouTube video, I’m on a roll. But my voice must rest, and I have to take breaks. Then I have to listen and make sure I didn’t add or remove a word or I have to rerecord that sentence.

But no one can tell my story like I can. I hope to get it done in two weeks – I just made that up.

I am ready to continue sharing my story in several forms to help others going through a broken engagement know that though it is painful, God loves us, heals us and has a better plan for our life. It is a life changing event but it is truly the best thing to happen, trust me, your future spouse thinks so too. xx

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“This book will be the beginning of a healing journey from shame and rejection to an awakening of hope and confidence.” – Gini Larsen, Biblical Hope Counseling

Order now: In Repair: How To Heal from a Broken Engagement

Available softcover and Kindle. Audible coming soon.


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