luxury lightweight loungewear - pink - skin. standing in home office

Pretty Loungewear

luxury lightweight loungewear - pink - skin. standing in home office
c/o Skin: V-Neck Easy Tee + Double Layer Pant wearing size 1
Necklace / Desk Chair / Office detail blog post here

ith the increase of our time at home, has your loungewear wardrobe increased? Flowy dresses, comfy jumpsuits, loungewear, I think those are great investments! I used to think those at home basic items should be more on the cheap side like fast fashion but then I realized the importance of loving loungewear and feeling not only comfortable in it, but cute and confident – yes even at home!

Everyone loves value and to me value is getting the most bang for your buck – so if you’re going to use the item or wear the piece often, you are getting the most value out of it. If you buy sometimes cheap and wear it once or twice and toss it, that’s even less valuable than buying something higher end that you wear all the time and enjoy.

It’s pretty much cost per wear = greater the value ;) I also think it creates less waste for our environment if we can keep and treasure the things we own.

I sound like I’m trying to convince Benjamin of my future purchases, LOL.

I rounded up some cute lounge wear pieces from Skin. I am wearing the V-Neck Easy Tee + Double Layer Pant in size 1. Skin features pieces that really feel like skin, so luxurious and unreal – you will keep these pieces for years to come and you can confident wearing at home and walking outside wearing. You can click on the image and it will take you to the product.

I will also share additional loungewear from all around the web.

I keep all my lounge sets together on the same shelf and if my container is full, I have to donate another pair. It keeps me intentional on how many things I have in my space. If you’re wondering what I mean by saying “my container is full” you should read the book “Decluttering at the Speed of Life” it’s so good!

Only keep what makes you feel fabulous! I also have winter loungewear versus summer loungewear, I can’t wear my velour jumpsuit or else I’d just sweat like crazy!

I surfed the web for some more loungewear pieces that can double as clothes you really can wear outside of the home!

Diana Elizabeth and Mr Wonderful watched Married at First Sight and got sucked into it! Have you seen it?

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