Vegas for John Mayer for the 7th Time!

We drove up to Vegas for the night to catch John Mayer, 4th row VIP style! Sharing the fun because this is a blog after all!

t’s been since November 2019 since I saw John in Phoenix. So when I think about the gap years I must live without seeing him live which is about 2-3, I realize that splurging on my favorite artist (along with Mariah Carey) is worth it! Plus how many more times will I be blessed to see him in my lifetime? I hope 100 more *wink wink* He is skipping Phoenix this tour so off to Vegas we went!

Our John Mayer VIP Experience

I quickly realized Phoenix was not on the tour list and I wasn’t too surprised he skips (or will skip), I won’t go into why. He might decide to continue touring in fall and put Phoenix on the list who knows, he’s done it before. Anyway, Vegas is fine and to me easy to get to, it’s close and it’s a 4 hour drive and with hotel points, a free night stay – and we’ve done this before with JM’s tour a few years ago.

So I booked tickets and realized the only way for me to get close was to get VIP which is really rows 2-5 and some swag this time.

This is my third time sitting rows 2-5 but I didn’t get goodies like this!

Last year it was a Lane One experience and a lounge and charger. This was a super fun experience with branded items so I’m wondering if this is new or I’ve been missing claiming the swag earlier. The other time I think I bought resell tickets and the guy next to me got a poster which I had picked up earlier in the tour in Vegas (I had seen him twice in the tour when he later announced a Phoenix tour).

john Mayer VIP sob rock swag^ Not pictured was a lyric sheet of Shouldn’t Matter but it Does on cardstock. First row had theirs autographed.

You can say Benjamin had a great time with the VIP package! As soon as we headed in the VIP lounge area, Benjamin went straight for the blow up guitars (surprised he picked up the pink one first) and we made some GIFs.

john mayer vip experience sob rock

VIP didn’t include a meet and greet since I think COVID messed things up – also John had canceled a few shows because he had to recover from COVID again I guess twice in one month but this one was bad. But also meet and greet is like wayyy expensive. He came back just in time for Vegas. Anyway, I’m shocked with all my connections no one has a connection to John. Whyyyyyyyyyy.

The VIP area¬†was pretty chill, a bar, and you could get merchandise early before everyone else. Phone chargers, and make your own GIF and take photos with the backdrops all around the room. It wasn’t overly busy which I loved!! Then these super fun group of ladies who made their own outfits in giant Sob Rock cover images came in and turned up the music and vibe and they reminded me of the girls from Bridesmaids. So fun!! I wanted to be their friends. What a fun group!

I was going to wear a mini skirt and white sneaks but the night before I went to Nordstrom Rack and bought this pair of faux leather leggings and decided that was it. It was so cold I had to bring a sweatshirt under (a JM one from years ago) and my Free People denim jacket to keep warm. I’m so glad I went for comfort because I’ve learned I bop around on my feet all night!

One of the best parts was talking with other fans. You just make friends instantly with others because you share the same love, interest and excitement!

I did not buy any merchandise which was hard but not. You see, Sob Rock is very 80s maybe early 90s and so is the stuff. Hence the fanny pack. I decided the fanny pack was good enough since it was exclusive to VIP ticket holders and that was all I needed (for now).

The seats and set list 🎶

Here’s what he played if you’re curious, and I was so happy to hear many of my favorites! I’m also listing this on the blog for my own memories :) I’ll star* my favorite songs.

-Full band-
Last Train Home
Shot in the Dark
Love on the Weekend*
Wild Blue*

-Acoustic set-
In Your Atmosphere*
Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty cover)

-Full band-
I Guess I Just Feel Like
Who Says
Edge of Desire*
Carry Me Away*
The Beautiful Ones
(Prince cover) (Snippet sung by David Ryan Harris)
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room*
Til the Right One Comes*
(With You Can Call Me Al snippet)
(John Mayer Trio song)

New Light*

I found a site that lists the set list songs and this graphic, so cool!

We sat fourth row, Section A Seat 12 and 13. Aisle seat was 14 and I would say that seat was perfect. I was sad I wasn’t center since I had been the past two times but this show I realized he really often looks to his left and we got a lot of love from him!! So I’d say pick that section because there is more room for him to walk over and look whereas the keyboard is on stage right and prevents him a little from moving toward that section.

John talks to his audience in between every few songs which I love. It shows so much of his personality which is what makes fans love him even more. He talks about personal life tied with songs, and here he is talking about being single and having a stack of pillows on one side of his bed waiting for the right woman to come. I really hope he gets married soon I know that’s on his heart. Altho I’d be jealous LOL.

If I can’t have him I don’t want anyone else to LOL. No I won’t grow out of it. That’s how our heartthrobs are to us right?

I’m so glad Nevada lifted their mask thingy, no one wants to do that in a concert when you want to be dancing and screaming to your artist. Also I can’t imagine the artists enjoy wanting to look out at their audience and see faces with masks on them. I was SO RELIEVED with the timing, hallelujah!! But of course nothing would stop me from seeing my boyfriend for the 7th time.

Anyway thanks for letting me share my fun excitement with you, I love going back to my old blog posts and reliving it too – I wish blogs would go back to informal open log diaries but I guess there are so many other ways we share… but this medium is always my favorite. Thanks for being here.

I also seem to have this habit of kissing him whenever I see him.

Me in Phoenix when I saw him framed in the hallway in 2019…

Diana Elizabeth says what a time to be alive, the same time as John Mayer and enjoy his music. Life goal is 10 concerts live but she won’t stop there.


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