Vanderpump Paris Las Vegas review food - girls standing in the restaurant

Las Vegas: Mad Apple, Princess Diana Exhibition, Vanderpump Paris and more

Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them. -Anna Taylor

mad apple cirque show Las Vegas good shows to watch - group of girls standing by a "mad apple" sign for the show

Radiant One-shoulder Dress: Banana Republic, wearing size XS, comes in 3 colors (here, similar) / Shoes: AZALEA WANG Galaxy Sandal (add back cushion by heel and bottom) / Purse: Louis Vuitton POCHETTE COUSSIN / Rhinestone earrings: Forever21

ur 9th annual year as a group to Las Vegas! We’ve been friends for 17 years (you may know the girl gang from the annual Christmas parties) and there are 6 of us officially in the group but over the years 3-5 of us have been able to make it to Vegas for various reasons but we always plan it no matter what! It is a chance for us to catch up, encourage each other, and like a summer getaway for use to get glammed up, have fun and continue our very tight special bond we’ve created all thanks to pageantry once upon a time! We truly never run out of things to do and I love to share my experiences with you so you have ideas for Vegas.

Also got to see my longtime friend Lisa Song Sutton / Halter jumpsuit / Rhinestone twinkle pumps

I am sharing lots of photos and what we did as well as a link to the past Vegas trips at the bottom of this blog post and what we did so you can get an idea for yourself if you are planning a visit. I’ll include some reservation tips too and if I can link to an outfit, I will.

Las Vegas girl trip ideas pool time

Hat: Brooklyn Hats / Sunnies: Wildfox Fontaine / Wrap: H&M / Clear Clutch (similar) / Earrings: Nordstrom / Reversible Bikini: Smeralda (A Columbian company great quality!) Top + Bottom

Quick backstory on how we book

When we have our annual Christmas party for the most part we are all together so we can bring up our calendars and pick a date or two. Then we lock it in, Jen books the hotel and I somehow got into the planning mode. It’s OK, I have plenty of time and I just have a method now. I will ask Jen what she thinks, then the girls if it’s an activity like a show or concert to see what they prefer. Then I book our restaurants and that’s it! If you’d like an idea of what we typically do here it goes:

Friday (fly in, upscale casual dinner): Sometimes an event but we have found with fight delays it might not be ideal.
Saturday: Pool, dinner, show
Sunday: Brunch, shop, dinner
Monday: Return flights

Remember to pack

Pack the fun shoes and outfits but also pack the shoe padsgel pads, non slip shoe pads, cushion shoe inserts and strappy strips that you may need to be comfortable! Just buy them all, all new shoes need some help right? And don’t forget the band-aids. But don’t leave them in the hotel room put them in your purse!


Area 15 has a lot of different smaller venues to experience and shows in every room. Lost Spirits Distillery is a rum distillery and dark in there so no flash photography and you go room to room to watch these acts and you wander, taste some alcohol if you wish (I did not since I cannot handle alcohol well) and enjoy the pretty adult like maze (what I call it). Cost was about $64 each, book ahead and I think they have shows at 7 and 9 that are on going throughout the night. We booked the 9 pm.

After we spent a little time in there for photo ops and a few shows, we decided to head to the Area 15 entrance area which is outdoors and find a taco truck and eat some food! :) We also got some root beer floats before we closed out our first night in Vegas.

lost spirits distillery in Las Vegas
Area 15 lost spirits distillery act in las vegas
lost spirits distillery at area 15 review
things to do in Las Vegas unique things with girlfriends last vegas distillery lost sprits area 15

My dress is from Anthropologie and flats are YSL. I’m glad I wore flats!


Prime Steakhouse is at the Bellagio and you can get a table outside, make that reservation! But inside is pretty too, you just don’t get to see the water show unless you are closer to the window. Also never be afraid to ask for a better table if you want one! It never hurts to ask and we were going to sit in a corner but asked for a better table and we got one!

We always do a pretty upscale steakhouse on Saturday night and then head to a concert or show so this was our choice. After 9 years we have also done something different each time! There is truly so much to do in Vegas.

prime steakhouse at Bellagio girls trip Las Vegas

Happy birthday Jennifer! We ordered lots of sides and I ordered the lamb rack of course!

Mad Apple (CIRQUE Show) at New York New York

Mad Apple is a new Cirque show at New York New York and it was so fun to watch! We got the $150 seats and I highly suggest not sitting in VIP (not the best view IMO or the first few rows, you will get picked on by the comedian. It has a mixture of improv comedy (everyone will have their turn being sliiiiightly offended which is kind of funny when you realize you aren’t laughing then you are laughing), music, circus acts that cirque does, and lots of entertainment. Let me tell you something, my mouth was open the ENTIRE time I watched this hair suspension artist.

mad apple show at cirque review things to do in Las Vegas blog post - group of girls standing under mad apple photo at show

Let me also mention the stage is a bar before the show, the cast interacts with the audience and Sommer got picked to go up and it was so cute, and also after you can meet the cast and hang out with them!! How cool is that?!

mad apple Las Vegas
mad apple Las Vegas
mad apple cirque show Las Vegas group of girls with hair suspension act

I just love these babes!

Go watch it! It’s pretty funny and super entertaining my mouth was open a lot of the time!!

Sadelle’s at Bellagio

The restaurant by Bellagio garden called Sadelle’s was spotted at our last trip and so I rushed to make reservations. It is so posh looking you just feel beautiful in there! We went for brunch and it’s through the gardens which were currently under construction – it takes 6 days tear down and install of the new one did you know? I want to watch a documentary on it if they would make one!

I called to make reservations and made note of a birthday and a cute Madeline style dessert came out for Jen!

sadelle's for girls brunch - girls sitting in booth

garden omelette at sadelle's
sadelle's for brunch in Las Vegas, group of girls standing together in the restaurant

Dress: Tuckernuck / Sandals: YSL / Earrings: Oscar de la Renta (thanks for my early BD gift Jen!) / Bag: YSL

Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition

Diana: A Tribute Exhibition opened this month at the Shops at Crystals.  Here’s a quick glimpse into a few of the inspirational art installations and artifacts. I don’t want to give away too much because you should visit the next time you are in Vegas! We spent 2.5 really taking it in and enjoying it. It was worth it and get the audio tour, they are short guides but really give you an insight into what you will see and the audio is only $5 extra.

It is 10,000 square foot with over 700 artifacts, including several of Diana’s authentic evening gown and fashion garments, artist installations, historic royal textiles and a collection of correspondence, gifts and personal items of Diana and the royals.  

It was a wonderful experience and I hope you get to see it! It is going to be a permanent location and it is on the third floor.

Four girls by Princess Diana exhibit at Las Vegas

I own this Diana red sheep sweater and I bought it for something special, I will share that soon!  The original one is made by Warm and Wonderful which is a separate line under Rowing Blazers it is available again and not sure for how long so if you love it, get one and size up! It is hand made in Portugal and takes 6 hours. I have a size large and it fits roomy and comfortable but I could go with a medium, but no way a small (way too small!)

On our car ride home I told the girls if I lived in Vegas I would get a job at the exhibition. I would have way too much fun and I would LOVE every day working there. OK, I’d probably be part-time, but I’d still love to work there. I wish there was some royal exhibition here in Phoenix that I could be a part of! Maybe one day Phoenix will be so huge we can have one (though that a sounds a bit random).

Just wait, you’re going to see this again soon!

Diana exhibit in Las Vegas a review - Diana standing by the famous red sheep sweater by rowings blazers warm and wonderfulDiana exhibition in Las Vegas her dressesLas Vegas Diana exhibit in shops at crystals Las Vegas Diana exhibit princess Diana wedding gown replica

I won’t give too much away but you need to take it all in, read the cards from Charles to women before Diana, and more history about the royals further back to Queen Victoria! I would definitely go again and take it in so I might bring Benjamin back with me the next time we are in Vegas for John Mayer or Mariah Carey – wink wink!

Then when I am done we can go into the Shops at the Crystals (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci) haha! 

Vanderpump à Paris

Located in Paris Las Vegas, Vanderpump à Paris is fairly new and right by the front of Paris Paris off to the right. This is different than the cocktail garden in Ceasar’s that does not take reservations I believe. This is a place you can eat! Order the brie bread for the appetizer, you will die!!!! And if you don’t drink, order a mocktail and let the bartender make something unique and special for you!

The bathrooms in Paris Las Vegas are so gorgeous I sometimes forget and now I want to redo my bathroom like it! Book on Open Table, and know that you can cancel but there may be a $25 no show per person.

Vanderpump Paris Las Vegas review food - girls standing in the restaurant
Vanderpump Paris Paris Las Vegas girls standing in restaurant
Vanderpump Paris Paris Las Vegas cocktail and mocktail drinks
Vanderpump à Paris

Skirt: ASOS (sold out) / Bodysuit: Nat & Liv (old) / Bag: YSL


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There were supposed to be 5 out of the 6 of us this trip but things happen last minute at the last hour and though it feels there is a hole when someone is missing, we do have the greatest time together whether it’s 3 or all of us. 17 years of friendship is so unique and we know it and so we continue to invest to show up, and continue to make strong memories together wherever we are. There were lots of sweet hugs and so much affection we really have such a unique bond! I am so grateful for these friends and going strong this long shows we really enjoy each other’s company and have continued to grow together and support one another no matter what life stage we are in, our friendship goes beyond what we have in common.

Diana Elizabeth scheduled Tuesday off because sometimes she just wants a day to unpack, reorganize and relax. But then surprise, her doorbell rang at 7:30 am and it was her cleaning lady who came on the wrong day… oh well. 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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