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“What concert are you going to?” asked two friends when I mentioned I was headed to Vegas for the weekend. This makes 6 times in the past 16 months – hey it’s only a 5 hour drive from Phoenix and a short plane ride!

When in Switzerland, I would ask people if they had visited the US and if they hadn’t, I wanted to know where they wanted to go first. Guess what they all said? LAS VEGAS! Really!! And so this is when I say, heck yeah Vegas, you’re pretty good.

Three of us flew in and first stop in the airport, not the slot machines – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I usually don’t drink caffeine after 2 pm but, well, we were in Vegas it’s not like I was going to bed anytime soon.


Jennifer who got us free hotel at Delano again (one of our favorite hotels, amazing coffee place downstairs) – the bed is amazing and I asked for the info – here are the sheets, and the duvet is from Down Etc., and the pillows call MB Lifestyles, a shop, at the Mandalay Bay the Unitex pillows for $48.00 + tax. The size of the pillow are 19”X35” and the number is 702-632-7777. Mattress is called Delano Mattress and from Serta so you have to call to ask for it – 877-468-3540. And the duvet insert is here. You’re welcome Sleeping Beauties.

We were kind of running out of ideas on what to do! No Backstreet Boys shows playing? Wah!! Thankfully I thought quick and had some great PR contacts who invited us to see a show and enjoy an ice experience I can’t wait to share. We always have fun in Vegas, we’re all conservative and a bit past the crazy scene so I hope these posts show you that Vegas really can be for anyone and everyone (we did check out 1OAK which was a great club for time we were there).

We took some pics as we waited for our other girlfriend to fly in – it’s what we do.

The Beatles LOVE – Cirque du Soleil

A Vegas show is a must if you’ve never seen one, you must in Vegas! You’d see a Broadway show in New York City right? Right! I’ve seen two Cirque du Soleil shows – Mystère and KÀ. Both so amazing and you cannot go wrong with a Cirque show! Did you know The Beatles LOVE show has been seen by nearly 8 million people? I had a few friends tell me that I had to see the show, it was highly recommended so off we went! Thank you for the pair of press tickets!

The special 10th Anniversary Celebration performance is on July 14 if you want to catch it – the 8 p.m. show. There will be new acts and an update in sequences, dynamic new visuals and projections – wish we got to see that but there’s always a next time with Vegas! So even if you’ve seen the show already, you can go back and see a newer version!

You weren’t allowed to take pics of the show when it started so I wanted to show you the speakers in the headrest in the seats and the stage – Cirque always has a cute little character come out and interact with the audience. Don’t forget you’re watching a circus too ;)

The show was beautiful and the music well, it was the Beatles!!  We dance a lot in our group, like bounce around in our seats a lot during a show and we had a blast. Did you know they sang Twist & Shout??? We all freaked out and couldn’t stop dancing in our seats.

The acrobats and the visuals were so beautiful and creative. I was in awe just looking around taking it in. I caught myself smiling the entire show.

Minus5 Ice Experience in Mandalay Bay

Well it’s 107 in Phoenix, so did you say I can be cold? Because we’re in! Minus5 is literally the “coolest experience” and located in Mandalay Bay. Everything is made of ice – the walls, chandeliers, seats and the glasses you drink your beverage in!! What!! It’s 90 tons of ice! There are two Vegas locations – one in Mandalay Bay and one in Monte Carlo.

We had to wear gloves and a faux fur coat to keep warm of course! They sent us home with souvenir hats which we wore for the rest of the night (two of the gals went out to catch Chain Smokers and wore them, that’s how much fun they had). A huge thanks to Minus5 for inviting us and hosting us as VIPs, so sweet! I am so excited to share more in another post this week!

7 Magic Mountains

I want to just laugh about this. I’ll keep it brief. Yes I’ve been here three times in the past year now. I told you I go to Vegas a lot. But, it was the first time for two of the other gals who we knew would like it so why not. It’s just 20 minutes from the strip. It was crazy windy like sandstorm windy.

If you have yet to visit, you have one more year to see it in person – it’s free and outdoors.

Mon Ami Gabi

The second to last time I was in Vegas to see JLo with my kindred spirit Meagan, we ate at Mon Ami Gabi located in Paris (at the base of the Eiffel Tower not the one at the top that costs $50). This is a great brunch/lunch spot and you should make a reservation via Open Table. I wanted to eat there again for that avocado toast and because I’m ParAsian and I didn’t get to blog about it last time because I was too busy gobbling up my meal. Ask for the breakfast menu if you go around bunch time, there’s more on the menu. My avocado toast used to be a regular but then went weekly special and I had to beg the chef to make it and he did!

The coordinated outfits is worth mentioning – not on purpose. But who knew my dress would tie everyone’s ensemble together, haha! Crazy coincidence, until you see our evening outfit which was all black and white.

Pool time at Mandalay Bay

^^ This is really Delano’s pool before Mandalay Bay which just finished and it was $75 a chair. They were all full so we headed to Mandalay Bay but I came back for a photo because this wall. Going to steal this and do it at home! Elephant gang.


Took a break and headed to Amorino to get a rose ice cream! I gravitate toward fruits so mine was mango, banana and strawberry! My gelato filled macaroon was almond flavor, it just coincidentally went together. Inner graphic designer coming out through my ice cream!

StripSteak Restaurant

I should have taken a photo of my lamb, but let’s say all of us would agree StripSteak in Mandalay Bay is amazing. It’s on the $$$$ end but oh man, worth every penny – the service and the food was a dream. What wasn’t pictured was everyone, including the table of gentlemen sitting next to us who sang Brenna happy birthday and when it was time to say her name, one said, “Happy Birthday, dear…” he goes, “JASMINE!” LOL He just made up a name because he said she looked like a Jasmine. We all started laughing sooooo hard. We love making new friends in Vegas, it’s so friendly and I think people don’t talk to strangers often enough in daily life. Anyway, we stopped there for dinner before Minus5 and this birthday cake ice cream was so yummy. We celebrated Brenna’s birthday all weekend – because, free dessert. ;) And we end with another MJ shot – we want to see this Michael Jackson ONE by Cique show sooooo badly (it was on break), so maybe we can see them AND Backstreet Boys next time! We are already planning our February trip. My heart bursts for girl time and the depth of our friendship spans over a decade, the ups and downs, the challenging talks to the lighthearted goofiness. We talked about growing up, our struggles, our stories of being bullied (yep, even we battled mean girls and boys) and shared dreams for the future. You probably see us together often because we intentionally make the time and for that, I am so thankful. Everything good for the soul happened – in Vegas. PS – I’m trying to do an MJ pose, not the hokey pokey. Photos taken with Canon G7x, any photos of me in it taken by my girl gang members.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Brenna Heater

    Best time of. My. Life!!! My mental health is restored and I cannot wait to go back! Love you so, so much!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Mental health restored, LOL. I feel you. Sometimes I think we should have “mental health days” a friend who used to work at AARP had that and it was a legit day they gave to employees!


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