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yellow flowy dress waking in hallway with flowers lifestyle and home blogger Diana Elizabeth based in Phoenix ArizonaDress: Privacy Please / Shoes: Birdies

‘m off to Vegas this weekend with my girlfriends for our 7th annual Vegas weekend! It started with all 6 of us to a regular 5 of us who went to Vegas and has even been as low as just 3 of us, but here we are! Traditions keep going wether we can all make it or some and there will be 4 of us and I am happy to be there and have not missed one since we started.

I wonder how different Vegas will be this year under these circumstances, but girl time is all I need and I am ready for it – we have a fun activity going rail biking on the schedule, so unique! I hope to eat and shop and maybe I’ll get a real tan….we’ll see *wink*


I have it on my calendar when I’ll be heading to the nursery and I need to get my yard in shape for my group garage yard sale (for real) haha and also because this has been such a dreadfully hot summer that I haven’t been able to get outside much so I can’t wait to be out in the new kitchen garden area and since our front landscaping is now done, enjoy it!

Oh, and then we need to seed our lawn. I tell you, I never thought I’d say this, but I wouldn’t be opposed to one day turfing the front of the house – I cannot imagine seeding and maintaining all of this when I’m older. And have you seen how good turf looks nowadays? You cannot tell! I mean look at our kitchen garden, right? Only thing is I have to vacuum up some of the leaves which is terribly annoying.


What’s the verdict? Is it happening or not? I bought some eyeball gummies from the 99 Cents Only store and put it in my crystal bowl by the door. I’ll happily open the door and give kiddos some candy if they want to come to the door – or actually we might be sitting outside now that we have a nice tiny patio we finally made.

Oh! Maybe we will light a little fire in front like I always dreamed of doing.

I have three costumes for Halloween – for Instagram anyway and yes, sort of on the same level as Twilight altho I don’t think I need as much makeup or special effects like I did for my Twilight looks. I just need something else guys! While I love sharing my thrifting adventures and home I need some creative fun! Stay tuned…

Work Life

Busier than usual, I dedicate a good chunk of hours to assist with branding and marketing services and who knew I’d be running other people’s social media accounts? I was reluctant but somehow convinced because I didn’t trust anyone else to handle my friend’s business, I have been having so much fun being on the other side.

Sometimes I wonder if I would be happy behind the scenes – less stress, do a job and just post. Sometimes with my own account I am paralyzed and overanalyzing every move whereas the accounts I manage I don’t and they seem to do not only fine, but more than fine.

I have an excel sheet I keep that manages what jobs I have in October and this organizes my monthly goals in comparison to years before. I am obviously giving myself lots of grace since 2020 isn’t a poppin’ year for a majority of us. That’s fine, but what this excel sheet also tells me is when my plate is full because I can’t possibly dedicate any more hours to anything else.

And I NEED that social life and garden life time. This is why I made the choices I have made so I can have more of my own time. So, October is full y’all and I’m going to be happily weeding, creating and enjoying the cooler weather (whenever that begins). See you in Vegas!

Diana Elizabeth needs to keep reading Midnight Sun, she isn’t done because she got so scared about the book ending and she read at a snail’s pace. Now she needs to just pick it up and know that a in a few years Stephenie Meyer will come out with a few more, so she can be like 65 and still reading them. LOL, kidding. But she will, as long as Stephenie keeps writing them…


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