no cost charm necklace ideas how to - layered charm necklace no cost

No Cost Charm Necklace With using what you have

no cost charm necklace ideas how to - layered charm necklace no cost

When I wake up early I guess I get a little more motivation to do things outside. I have been wanting to work on a charm necklace using old pendant necklaces I have not worn for years! You know it happens you have favorites and then they are no longer favorites and you wonder when you’ll ever have the urge to wear them again!

I see this charm necklace trend but I refuse to buy charms that don’t mean anything to me (already been a sucker for so many of these charm trends) and I wanted to use what I own! So this is no cost to me, other than the jump rings, and it can be minimal cost to you because I’m certain you probably have charms to use as well! If not, start collecting slowly, you can find charms at estate sales, second hand at the thrift store, flea markets, or trade with friends! Why not host a charm necklace party?

I have some heirloom pieces from my parents and while they are lovely I also am not sure how I’d work them into my daily style or even special occasion. We should use the things we love or pass it along to someone who will. There’s no point in me keeping it in my safe until someone else gets to enjoy it!

So, with that in mind, I FINALLY headed to Michael’s to pick up some rings, which are called “jump rings” and come in different sizes. 

You may not need to buy new charms, you may have some pendant necklaces you stopped wearing that you can turn into a charm necklace! And what’s better than zero cost, actually using things you own and enjoying them once again!

I’ve linked the tools and necklace here: — 

I have a drawer full of pendant necklaces I no longer wear and since I still love them and many are family heirlooms and incredibly special to me, I decided to take the pendants and create a charm necklace.

A few tips as you assemble your charm necklace

  • Place the heavier charms in the middle of your chain to avoid your necklace rotating. 
  • I picked up 18k gold plated jump rings from Michael’s and secured charms with two rings for extra security. 
  • Use two pliers, it makes the task easier.

I did run out of room, so I used a plain pearl necklace and added my jade pendants which are family heirlooms. I love the way they look layered and now so many sweet memories can be enjoyed all at once!

no cost charm necklace ideas how to - layered charm necklace no cost

These charms tell stories of my family, Ireland, Fiesta Bowl Princess, a birthday, Alaska, a vintage locket with my parents and Benjamin and my dog in it, and I love that I’m wearing things that I already owned! Now THIS is an authentic charm necklace that fits my style and personality. Nothing new here!

I hope this inspires you to get started – if you need a paper clip necklace check out the ones below and the authentic pear necklaces too! Make sure you get larger size jump rings if you add them to a pearl necklace.


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