Post HomeworthyHomeworthy Filming and other life updates (like Mariah Carey)

Well the big day came and went as YouTube channel Homeworthy came to film (actually Chris Innes) and I still can’t believe it’s over.

Now we wait for the episode to come out in 3-4 weeks after filming , so really 2-3 weeks  if you are reading this now!

Of course I’ll let you know when I comes out and hopefully I will know so I can plan a little watch party with a few friends.

He arrived 9 am, we started filming after 10 am, and took a lunch break to keep filming for a while, so much to say (and so many things I forgot). I made pizza for a snack, went to film b-roll (that means close up of items I discussed in closer detail with no sound but it goes over me speaking), and he left right before 7 pm! What a long day for both of us, I was happy to shower and then I had to unfortunately rush to the hospital to be with a friend whose dad went into emergency surgery. Please be praying for his recovery!

I have to give the biggest thanks to a few friends, Brittany for her help via FT with furniture placement in the garden room, Amber for coming over the day before to help me stage style and rehearse (I needed this so bad and my heart desired this so for her to just text and say she wanted to come over and help it meant the world to me) and Michelle and Brandy getting my photos and helping me make changes like take off the computer off my office desk to which paintings should go up and where…it was the help of friends who helped keep my sanity and made me feel prepared!

Rooftop at The Global Ambassador

The night before I left to Vegas with Benjamin, we celebrated Laura’s birthday at the rooftop restaurant. These are our cookbook club girls and we get along very well and it was such a fun evening outside and look at the view!

Global Ambassador Hotel

Global Ambassador Hotel

Mariah Carey in Vegas (My 6x seeing her)

I would typically dedicate an entire post to MIMI butttttt I am certain no one would really click on it so, I’m sneaking it in under here haha! It was my 6th time seeing her, and Benjamin’s third, which means yes he’s seen her all 3 times with me! Such a good hubby.

I hadn’t seen her since February 2020 before the world shut down and I went to Taiwan during the beginning of COVID. We were 11th row this time and this is the most I’ve ever spent on concert tickets and is that just how pricey concerts are now? The cost of a designer handbag?!

Oh well, I’m 42 and I’m spending my money on life experiences because I have enough things and life is too short.

Then after spending $70 on the biggest cup of wine (just how they do it in Vegas) and cup of water, Benjamin wanted to buy me a $200 bedazzled Mariah jacket and I said, WELL OK!

Then I wore it around Vegas for the hour after and got compliments and also the next day at the Vegas airport by fans who also went to the concert.

When my long hair is all down blocking everything it looks like I have a jacket with a woman in underwear. Nice. Only in Vegas would no one blink anyway.

When we got in to our hotel after the flight I laid on the bed for hours about 4-5 hours before I got ready for the concert. I was just beyond drained mentally and physically this was just days before Homeworthy was coming to film.

Girl’s Dinner at Mora Italian

I would love to share a photo of me and the girls but I didn’t take one and the food is more important anyway. If you come to Phoenix you should eat at Mora, it’s sooooooo amazing and this is just the appetizers! I took Benjamin back two days later the night before Homeworthy came to not mess up the kitchen and basically reorder everything I ate with the girls.

So then I had two days before Homeworthy came and see, I just pack my social schedule.

I exercised self control at an estate sale

OK, so I really didn’t find anything I needed or furniture that would it in my house now that I displayed everything perfectly for Homeworthy and I’m trying to put things back!

This was post Homeworthy and I swung by an estate sale in Paradise Valley.

I did like the blue chair with the gold detail but it was around $225 I think and I just didn’t have a need or place for it at full price. But I thought I’d share some photos I snapped and shared with a friend.

New E-Newsletter – FINALLY!

Some of you who subscribe to my blog, THANK YOU, you may notice a new platform I use to send out blog post notifications now. I have been so terrible with the format on Mailchimp and it didn’t have a photo with the post when I changed my blog design and I never had the time to fix it. 

Finally I just did some research and I have a new platform that helps me manage my newsletter and a sign up. If you want to sign up, see the widget on the right (or scroll if you are on mobile) and it should pop up. 

If you’re lazy you can always leave me a comment and I can see your email and add it (it won’t show to the public). 

Thanks for being here. I just love blogging. Still active on IG of course, just working away because I have to work to get ready for my 2 week trip to Italy!


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