original oil painting birds thrifting tips phoenix thrifter antique estate sale blog

Estate Sale Finds

asked Benjamin if I should stop by an estate sale in Paradise Valley and he said, “Why not?” and I said, “Because the house feels full!” And he replied, “You never know what you might find!” And so I went, and came home with these lovely things.

original oil painting birds thrifting tips phoenix thrifter antique estate sale blog

What I was hoping to find was a chaise or bench for my new closet — still to be worked on. Our start week did not become our start week so better luck this week.

I found this painting that I was drawn to, the colors were so gorgeous and it’s an oil painting. One of the estate sale ladies was so proud of herself because she had just hung it up, moving it from the bathroom and felt like it was getting overlooked. I told her, good job on the staging!  It was $60 with 25% off!

I went to this sale when I know they start the percentages off. It usually is 25% off then goes to 50% off. I would rather buy when it hits a bit of a sale, since really I don’t need any of this but it makes me feel better knowing I got it for a “deal” opposed to original price.

original oil painting birds thrifting tips phoenix thrifter antique estate sale blog

This really might look lovely in my closet. I cleaned it up with a damp rag it was so dusty! Actually everything needed a good cleaning as they always do.

original oil painting birds thrifting tips phoenix thrifter antique estate sale blog

I also found these things above, one was $12 (the bunny bowl) and it’s so heavy! And the replica Staffordshire dog, what I’d like to just call a China Dog, was $40 – both with 25% off. I like a deal :) The dog I will use as a door stop, he was so dirty and dusty I had to scrub him with a dish brush and soap really hard. But he’s all clean now. I spent about $130 for all these things, and one thing is missing in the photo because it’s a future Christmas gift. I can check someone off the list!

I almost bought this front door! I liked that there was a shutter behind to give privacy, but as I was on the phone with my girlfriend Melayne to and from the estate sale, I sent her photos and she liked it but she was like what’s wrong with you current door?

So I took a photo and sent it to her and thought, hm, it really doesn’t look that bad.

The doormat is MacKenzie-Childs. I just wish it was a wood door, which I know won’t last very long. But yes we do need to keep the screen door because we get some unwelcome visitors and it just makes us feel more secure. Security doors are a great idea, I just wish I could find one prettier…one day.

But when guests come I have this screen door pushed all the way open to the right so all you see is the front door like this and it doesn’t block anything which is so nice. I think it should be opening the other way but… whatever.

So decided not to get that front door but also I like a more formal colonial style door and this is it, even if I think it’s basic. The other one is more cottage farmhouse and that’s something I am trying to stay very far away from – farmhouse, that is.

Anyway, that’s my update. I like blogging so much more right now and the pressure to post on social is gone. I would create more content if it brought me more work like it used to, but it’s apparent it’s pretty pointless to put in that energy. Altho I do put in a lot of work on my blog but I truly feel so fulfilled being here whether 5 or 500 people read a post. Benjamin says it’s worth continuing because it’s my creative outlet. Thanks for reading!

Diana Elizabeth hung up her fall wreath, swapped out an oil painting she thinks is seasonal and though it’s over 100 degrees, she’s waiting for the mums to come out so she can grab some and decorate the front walkway!


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