Closet Decision Updates

This is the week we start expanding for the master closet! I wanted to share some updates on decisions or where my head is in terms of design.

This is the closet level of design, but not the actual closet design if you know what I mean. More of it will be hanging and I can’t wait as I just switched out some new hangers (more on that later). But this was the photo that caught my attention on Facebook ads so you can’t blame me for saying, hey can you build me a closet like this? :)

Now I have to swap the floor digitally to show you what it will look like.

^^ Here it is with the flooring we will use – which will match our other maple floors, but not be solid wood that we have but an engineered hardwood floor. I will either have the planks go this way, or have it herringbone, if it’s possible to lay it in that way, we will see – and depends on the quote. If I do herringbone I won’t put in a rug but if it’s straight like this I will probably add a rug.

The lighting – purchased

Suzanne Kasler lighting (comes in 3 sizes I got medium)

I have had my eye on this light fixture since we expanded the garden room and didn’t have a place for it. Now it will be in my closet and I am so excited! I actually found an open box item so I got it a bit cheaper. Then I saw the next day it went on sale more for open box items so I reached out to customer service and they gave me an additional $100 off! I’m all about saving money!

Wallpaper options to go behind the shoe/purse cabinets

Wood grain texture peel and stickWeathered Venetian Crackle Plaster peel and stick Wallpaper

I have two open shelves with glass, and my purses and shoes will go in there.  I want the ceiling lights to reflect off the back and illuminate it. I am still debating adding cabinet lighting and I might just go for it because it will look so good.

Accessories (possibly) Version #1

Stool / Leopard rug

I like the way this stool looks but I want something with a back. I’m 40, come on I need back support!

Accessories (possibly) Version #2

With possibly no rug, or a different one since it can just sit in the middle of the herringbone floor which would look so French. I wanted this but it sold it was at a second hand retail and I was SO bummed you guys! But I want something this size. I am beyond crushed this was gone but maybe I can find something to upholster.

I also love this look so now I’m looking for a chaise –


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Flooring and the pattern

I found these images from a Google search and just dragged them onto my desktop and now I can’t find the source so I apologize and also if they are your photos. But I wanted to show the flooring of these closets in herringbone, a pattern I am now considering.

No rug if it’s herringbone. So maybe the cost will be worth it because I would save on a rug. I won’t really save, but the cost would be toward herringbone install.

The hardware – purchased

I would probably want to go with knobs, and that’s what my heart was initially telling me, like little cute buttons. But, in the end I decided on these Classic 6 Inch Center to Center Handle Cabinet Pulls in polished nickel (my favorite finish). They come in lots of different finishes and are stunning in person.

 Finish: Polished Nickel Emtek American Classic 6 Inch Center to Center Handle Cabinet Pull


Custom framed art – Princess Diana
Possibly the “theme” of my closet

Many months ago I bought some Princess Diana stamps from someone on FBMP for really cheap. The stamps are from another country but they are really neat collector items. Long story, I might have to cut into them to make them fit, possibly. I was worried about this but then I thought, NO I will enjoy it, they are mine. What am I worried about, preserving them for the next owner? These are mine that I am going to cut to make them fit in a beautiful custom frame I am getting made and that’s that! The final dimension in this silver frame will be 18.5″x24.5″ and I want to hang it on a certain wall in my closet. I was also thinking it would be fun to have a Princess Diana themed closet ;) But I think I will bring in every wall art, and mirror that is in my photo studio and see what works in the new space.

I have my old Vanity Fair and she was on the cover, something I bought when I was a teen and I thought about getting it framed. I also used to have a framed photo of her in my bedroom growing up (I wonder where it went) and it would be nice to find a similar one and have it in there too. So who knows, maybe it will become an area of my collectibles.

I am also considering having a Princess Diana costume birthday party this fall. I don’t really need a birthday party to be honest, my 40th soiree was amazing but I want to have a Princess Diana costume party so what better time than to do it around my birthday anyway? Might be fun! I just get a little tired thinking of having a party but I can do a small one and it doesn’t have to be something crazy grand, but just cute and fun with my closest friends.

And that’s it so far! As you can see there are a few more decisions I need to make so I better get to it! I’ll share more on my next post. I think I’ll be sharing some IG stories but it’s been nice to be off social, it’s become a pretty nice habit :) I forgot how much I love blogging!

Diana Elizabeth found a $50 bed bench on FBMP now she needs to get a quote from upholstery to see if it’s worth it. She just wants that back support :) 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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