Waistless Wide Leg Jumpsuit Ranna Gill

A late summer OC vacation and what I wore

It was our annual trip to visit friends – well it used to be just me but now I bring Benjamin since Melayne finally moved back to Costa Mesa with her hubby! Here’s what I wore and about clothing rental.

Waistless Wide Leg Jumpsuit Ranna Gill

Ranna Gill Waistless Wide Leg Jumpsuit (wearing XS) get $10 off rental here / YSL sandals (similar)

e went to visit our friends in the OC, friends who are truly like family. I love her family so much and we are always invited to spend holidays with them and I feel so lucky to have such a close friendship with her over the 17 years.

We stayed in a nearby hotel and it was wonderful because we were able to grab breakfast and sit by the pool and enjoy the ocean view. Remember we aren’t so lucky yet in Phoenix, we’re getting there but it’s still fiery hot!

So to do this every morning was such a relief and we were grateful.

Do you wear more or less makeup while on vacation? It depends on where I am – this blue ruffle oriane dress is size 36 and from Sezane which is a French clothing line. I am glad I didn’t size down! The 36 is perfect but I would also be OK if I went up if I wanted it looser.

sezane ORIANE DRESSSezane Paris Oriane Dress – wearing size 36

Let me tell you a little more about this dress below – which is actually a flowy pant jumpsuit!

We went on a boat cruise around the bay leaving from Balboa Park – and this pull on jumpsuit is flowy and so pretty I get compliments every time I wear it! I rented it from Nuuly which is actually owned by Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. The clothes you see sold at Anthro is available for rent and discounted purchase too! And if you missed out on something it might still be available on Nuuly so you can try it on decide if you like it and then buy it at a discount.

I was working with campaigns and tired of buying new clothes and it felt wasteful. I also noticed I would just buy clothes and not really like it after a wear or two – like the upkeep of ironing is just annoying or I wouldn’t really wear it that often or didn’t really need it. I don’t want to fill up my closet with stuff I don’t love. So when I started renting it kind of gave me that new purchase high even though I didn’t have to keep it! Or if I wanted to, I could! My closet is so intentional now, I only own what I love and wear a lot and if I want to try something new, I rent from Nuuly. I even paused it for a few months when I felt like I had enough of my own clothes to wear.

Anyway this jumpsuit, I bought after renting it from Nuuly. I am obsessed with it and even traveled with it but I was worried I’d step on it and my jumpsuit would slide down exposing me to everyone… but I am so glad I bought it and if you want a discount code to try the subscription here’s a link. The only thing I’ll say in comparison to Rent the Runway is that they seem to ship a little slower but it seems they have it down a little better than before. You can also rent 6 pieces and add more if you want for an additional cost but it is not as formal as RTR in terms of designers. OK, renting clothes info is now over! Back to the vacation.

What a wonderful night. We ate food, talked up on the deck and caught up with friends. I was cold that I was glad I had my denim jacket with me! I have a Free People jacket I can’t find a link because I’m not sure which one it is but the inside has two huge deep pockets that you can put a water bottle in there or even a sunglass case! It is amazing quality!



Romper by Lilly Pulitzer, wearing size 2

Someone refused to put sunscreen on on our pool day and was red as a lobster….so this was him at the beach, rightfully so. We won’t get into the I told you so, but he got aloe a few days later on his own and he’s still a lobster so I am pretty sure he learned his lesson at 46. *wink*

Now we put our attention back home to the closet expansion as we begin this week!

Diana Elizabeth is so excited to display her clothes she can’t wait, she already bought all new hangers which aren’t that different than what she had but the colors didn’t match (the white) and the height of them so…. she needed them. She has already used about 150 and had to order 100 more. She thinks this means she definitely should be renting clothes and not buying.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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