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Yes, it is a Ryan Ray gallery in our home.  We’re newlyweds, what do you expect?

I’m only going to give you a few glimpses around our house (because you might have Diana + Benjamin overload) to show you how we’ve displayed our professional images with some suggestions as you frame your memorable images around your home.


Most of the photos in our home are displayed at 5×7 or larger.  We have 2- 4×6 prints on display and that was only because I really liked the frames.  Above the kitchen sink on the windowsill we have three small frames that are about wallet size (all purchased from The French Bee).  When a shelf is that close up, you can go with pretty tiny frames which will be less in your face.  All of our frames are from Pottery Barn or The French Bee, except for the pretty one next to our printed vows is Kate Spade, given to us by my lovely couple Kate and Brett.

Here are tips on how to display your images:

  • When buying frames, go for the 5×7 over the 4×6.  This goes for prints too, obviously.  Any image you want to frame in your home you will want displayed larger, and don’t be afraid to go larger.  Now that we’re in the digital age and rarely does anyone print anymore, you can pick and choose which images to actually print (aside from the 1 hour turn around and 4×6 doubles which resorted everyone to frame in 4x6s).
  • Print professional photos at professional labs.  I’m very serious about this.  I did a test with Walgreens and my professional lab (as seen above) and the results were ridiculous.  So were canvas prints (also seen – skin tones look peach instead of their proper color).  I keep them in my office to show people the shadows and the color difference.  Your images won’t look the same if you print at Costco or the like – which voids the whole reason of splurging on professional images.  I never understand why people want to save money when it comes to prints, it’s like cutting professional quality captured images in half by not finishing through and ordering the professional images via lab.  Your photographer has access to professional labs and yes, it is so worth the money.  Sorry, I cannot vouch for Shutterfly or Kodak online.  Save the Costco prints for the casual party pics.
  • Back up & copy your images. When you get a copy of your disc, load them on your computer, make another backup disc (give it to your mom or sister who don’t live with you) and put it on an external hard drive or upload to an online storage.  Then, print as many as you can.  Your photographer isn’t responsible for keeping your images once you have them and it’s your responsibility as it is your property to take care of those images.  Remember, DVDs don’t last forever either.  It’s suggested to make a backup copy every five years.
  • Change up the sizes and photo orientation. If they are on the same shelf, have a few that are horizontal and vertical images to give more dimension.
  • Consider a display shelf.  If you want to display a lot of images and you don’t want to hang them all on a wall, consider a few art ledges so you can lean gallery frames on them with little props as the seasons change.

Diana Elizabeth found some more Pottery Barn frames she must have.  Like this one and this one.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • Amanda

    Lovely home and lovely decorating! :D
    Thank you so much for the tips and insights!
    Do you mind sharing what professional printing company you use?

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Amanda, thank you! :) I work so hard on making the house a home! I use WHCC for press prints (photo cards), and I use Pro DPI for photo prints :) They offer pretty white borders there too!


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