square wall molding trim work wainscoting

Home Expansion Update: The last few days

It’s been three weeks since my last post about the expansion and I already have more updates because this expansion is winding down. Then it will be time to move furniture in that’s been sitting in my photo studio since Black Friday!

square wall molding trim work wainscotingShearling-Trim Hoodie / Shoes: FitFlop (on sale!)

A few side notes about the project –

  • I am the designer of this project! The finishes, the colors, the decisions, I felt like this was a big one but I sure did enjoy it! I hired a space planner as I mentioned and I bounced ideas off Celeste who is fantastic and she put my ideas down to plan. Celeste came up with the idea of the shower nozzle being opposite of the shower head (I cannot wait for you to see it) and would confirm if my ideas were good or not.
  • It was brought to my attention that I like modern more than I thought. Michelle pointed this out as I have tried to say my home is 80% traditional and 20% modern. Then she pointed out everything in my home that was modern and I thought, oh goodness, she’s right! I guess in my head that’s not really what I’ve thought modern to be.
  • I went over $800 over my already $800 tile allowance. Good news, since I saved money on another line (shower splash screen) this is OK. Benjamin after hearing this asked me, “Do you always go into places and not look at the price?” I don’t know why I just didn’t look at the prices at The Tile Shop.
  • I decided to repaint my bathroom a new color. Mr. Wonderful and I have separate bathrooms due to space – he has the small bathroom in our master, it also makes for a happy marriage. It is currently a dark gray and since we took out a window and will add a VELUX sun tunnel, I think white would be nice and fresh! I will accessorize with color.
  • I read an old post a year ago from October 2017 and I had mentioned the expansion when it was just a dream. And here we are, 14 months later with a new room and bathroom.

Now, onto the home expansion updates as this project has been moving quickly and going to be completed soon.

Tape, smooth texture and sanding happened inside the house. Doors are covered up due to recent rain and also we have a new HVAC that started to heat up the outside now that everything is connected. We didn’t care we were wasting energy heating up outdoors because we were tired of burning wood in our fireplace and freezing!

The room looked like this awesome mustard yellow and I joked this was the color I picked, haha.

Phoenix scottsdale home expansion general contractorPhoenix scottsdale home expansion general contractor

French doors (finally) came.

The doors – they are in. The debate of painting them white or black continues as my IG friends were pretty much split down the middle. Maybe a wee more on the black. We will paint them white then if I don’t like it, they will go black.

Phoenix scottsdale home expansion general contractor

Phoenix scottsdale home expansion general contractor

Look at all this light and it’s also diffused since they are all covered in plastic – including the VELUX skylights.

Phoenix scottsdale home expansion general contractor

You may also notice trim work went up a well – matches what we have in our home.

The bathroom got sealed for tile prep –

bathroom expansion phoenix arizona scottsdale contractor

Outside, trim went up as well as the cement fiber shake. And the flagstone floors arrived and they match what we have, so fantastic! Good job finding that Slade.

scottsdale phoenix contractor home expansion by trinity homes - cement fiber shake repainted right now
scottsdale phoenix contractor home expansion by trinity homes - cement fiber shake repainted right now

This siding is very heavy and labor intensive. I think it was worth it, but the guys who put it up might think otherwise *wink* I sure do appreciate them!

The outside will be painted Sherwin-Williams Alabaster. Then paint color for the walls and ceiling chosen, Sherwin-Williams Origami White. Let’s not discuss about how difficult of a choice this was, ever again.

Back inside the bathroom tile was being installed – can we oooo and ah over this gorgeous gold tile with the gold flecks? I also longed for the pink version but…black won. But I still dream about the pink.

subway tile and black and gold tile

After I stared at the giant 10 foot blank wall that the TV would be on, I randomly decided I would love to add some molding to the large wall. I just think it will be a great focal point – and so that had to happen of course! I was glad I was home to instruct them to have 5 columns instead of 4. That’s why I’m telling you it’s a good thing to be home when they need you!

We’re painting the entire wall the same color as if it were a normal wall, I don’t want the trim to stand out or anything. The trim will be Pure White which will also be the color of the window and door trim as well as the doors.

square wall molding trim work wainscoting

A few IG stories – (visit blog to see as shortcodes don’t work in RSS email feeds)

And I’m going to leave it at that!

There will be many posts coming up where I’ll be using the space as a background so you will see bits of it very, very soon. And there will be glimpses of the room as we decorate it and wait for more furniture to come in.

And of course, I still have a lot to talk about regarding the expansion – the VELUX skylights and sun tunnels, GAF roofing and the Build.com vanity we selected.


square wall molding trim work wainscoting

Phoenix/Scottsdale general contractor: Trinity Homes AZ

If you have questions about the expansion process, or anything in general about this project, please feel free to ask in the comments!

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


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    It looks so amazing Di! Can’t wait to tour it soon xoxo

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    Hi Diana,
    Your email came in right before I got one from your Dad. Jungs must think alike.

    I always love to see what you are doing! Thanks for including me in your emails.


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