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How to Create a Beautiful Powder Room Experience for Your Guests

The room your guests will eventually see is your powder room! Make it a special place, wallpaper it, and think about the hand towels (disposable), and pretty packaged toilet paper! Sharing the things I think about making the powder room special for our guests!

Cole and sons rose wallpaper dark floral wallpaper in powder room - how to make a guest bathroom unique and special

o you think about your guests experience in your home? Never forget the powder bathroom! It’s a room that chances are 90% of your guests will see when they are over! You want to make it unique, comfortable (because going to the bathroom at someone’s house can be embarrassing). Trust me, you can make the experience an enjoyable experience – really – now I sound like a Charmin commercial, haha.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this bathroom is currently getting a small facelift with a few swap of things and paint, but until that reveal, here are some tips on making it special!

embroidered hand towel on brass ring towel holder and disposable guest towels on tray

Powder bath hand towel

We know most hand towels are for decor only, it’s thin, embroidered and usually not fluffy enough to even absorb a drop! But they are there in the powder bath to make an impression! However, I am going to add in some medium fluff towels in case you do want guests to use them, or for yourself.

When we have long term guests I remove that pretty decor hand towel and put a clean white plain hand towel on the counter with their other bath towels so guests know they have towels to use repeated during their stay that is just theirs.

But for the majority of the time I have a decor hand towel up and disposable towels on a tray (mine is old from Target, the Hand and Hearth line). With everyone being so germaphobe now, no one wants to use a community towel, even if they are our friends who have kids, because, boogers.

The disposable hand towels

Let’s go over my favorite bathroom item for guests, the disposable hand towels! I use these disposable white hand towels from Amazon and these green stripe ones are my favorite (the green matches my wallpaper), also available on Amazon and come in a ton of colors. They are $27 for 50 so set them out sparingly, like special dinner parties or so. For every day I like the white disposable plus $17 for 100 is a steal.

amazon white soft disposable guest towels restaurants

green guest towels disposable blue stripe

Pretty (packaged) toilet paper

Eventually your guests, and long term guests especially, will need to reach for a new roll of toilet paper. Before guests arrive, make sure the TP on the roll is pretty new, just not like 3 more uses and a guest has to scramble looking for facial tissue or go through your cabinets to find the extra toilet paper.

Have you seen prettier packaged toilet paper? Imagine a roll on top of the toilet, or in a basket (more on that later).

pretty toilet paper wrapped floral and printed for guests or a gift bamboo toilet paper

No. 2 bamboo toilet paper

I ordered a huge box of these during the TP pandemic when it was hard to get rolls. I know, crazy. The rolls aren’t very large though, so I’d say it’s a novelty thing and nice to have on hand for looksies.

Toilet paper basket

The basket to hold the extra toilet paper should have a lid to hide that there’s TP in there. If you don’t have a place to put a basket because of space and decor, that’s fine – put a single roll on top of the toilet if it’s just for the event, and/or the extra rolls of TP in a drawer just make sure it’s there! The No. 2 packaged toilet paper is pretty and perfect to discover.

But for the basket, here are my favorites – remember to check measurements that it will fit your TP and under your sink!

You can see my basket below –

dark green floral wallpaper by Cole and sons, post about making your guest bath unique and comfortable

A scented candle, matches, and spray

No one wants to stink up someone else’s bathroom. I pre-light a scented candle on the counter right before guests arrive, and I have matches and a room spray in clear view. If you shop a JoMalone, toss in the sample spray or any perfume you don’t really use.

I thrifted the old scalloped bowl. Bath and Body Works has room sprays and I always say go for something either citrus or floral, but no food like cinnamon. Everyone knows if you spray a cinnamon roll baking spray you didn’t exactly bake in the bathroom, so that draws unnecessary attention if you ask me.

Fresh Flowers

A bud vase with a flower in it (think even from your garden or greenery) is great, but even better is an orchid from Trader Joe’s that lasts a month! Don’t be afraid to pick a color. Fresh flower is the way to go. I only go with color in my bathroom because color to me is everything and stands out. Life is colorful!

purple orchid in guest powder bath on counter

And that’s it! This is really for the guests passing through not overnight long term guests. I hope you found some inspiration!

Diana Elizabeth says this guest bath is the prettiest bathroom in the house. She’s OK with that though. 


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