How to use a light bulb without electricity puck light example warm light

How to light a lamp without electricity

hen one of my favorite antique stores, Antique Gatherings, is relocating and in the middle of this, I decided to pop in and see what sales were going on sine most sellers didn’t want to move much and had some great sales!

I shared this Italian fruit lamp earlier on the blog and I had a tough time figuring out how to light the lamp without using electricity. We don’t have an outlet in our kitchen island for some reason as now it would be required to have one if you were building for code. I wish we had one!

Anyway, I thought about using a puck light (great option for bookcases or downlight or uplighting) but I couldn’t find one that I thought would work and I got a super huge one and laughed when I saw it was the size of my face. I tried looking up how to use a bulb without electricity and I found it! Also known as camping lights!! The bulbs to use to light a lamp without an outlet are these USB plug in charge and come in a warm white and can hang off the top of the lamp shade so it looks like a lightbulb!

USB rechargeable LED bulb

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And then we got this – tada – it’s beautiful!! You don’t need to use the remote either, I use the button on the top to turn it on and off, and adjust the lighting strength output. I always keep one charged in a cabinet so I swap them out when it’s time to use one.

How to use a light bulb without electricity puck light example warm light

It looks real good, like real. The USB bulb lasts for hours and you have two of them so you can switch them, but they also are dimmable and have a timer so it can turn off within a few hours. I wish it could come on at the same time every day but it doesn’t. The bulbs also come with a remote.

Anyway I thought I’d share! I tucked the cords under the lazy susan on our kitchen island. I didn’t want to cut the cord of the lamp because you never know, I might move it.

There are some puck lights that you can change colors.

So here’s a great way to light up your lamps outside, inside, now you can say yes to all the lamps!

Diana Elizabeth has a crazy lamp collection, they aren’t weird lamps there are just a TON so it’s crazy. Maybe she’ll take a picture of them all and share.

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