birds in real egg for Easter egg ornament

Estate Sales lately…

ow that the house feels very full done with the revamps of the garden room and the front living room – going to estate sales seems a little pointless at the moment unless I start to collect the small things.

Oh the small things, that’s what I don’t want to fill my house right now. But I’ve been looking online for estate sales, popped in one to find the lamp I went for was $995 firm (insane and NOT reasonably priced as all else in the house was JUNK) and left empty handed, what a waste of gas but it happens. I sort of hate that I think about gas prices now, how absurd is our country right now…

Anyway, I saw an estate sale that caught my eye but I didn’t want to be the first one in as soon as it opened, just not in the mood and there were things that caught my eye but not that I necessarily needed (I only show up in line when there’s something I specifically want!), so I woke up and decided to stop by before I headed to the main destination which was buying birthday gifts at The Scottsdale Marketplace for friends.

Anyway, here’s what I picked up –

queen Elizabeth II coronation tea cup

^^ $12 and the R is rubbed off so it looked like CPOWNED – LOL. Well, whatever it is another fun souvenir for my collection.

birds in real egg for Easter egg ornament

$4 and $6 each – I guess due to size?  I saw numbers on the bottom there was a limited edition of 250. What gorgeous hand detail labor went into these and since I love Easter so much (see latest Easter party I hosted) I had to get them! 

West Germany bird glasses

Low ball crystal glasses most likely from West Germany, set of 7 for $35.
I don’t drink but they may be needed on hand sometimes we do need them, or for vases!

Pardon me if you follow me on IG but I’m not sure what to double dip in terms of sharing. Not everyone can see what I post on Instagram and not everyone keeps their eyes on what I do daily for the 24 hours instagram stories are up and nor would I assume anyone would want to, or should. Social media is so funny, but it’s there for entertainment.

Anyway, here are two things I left behind, but caught my eye I wanted to snap a photo.

The bird bowl was HUGE but it was pretty pricey and I don’t even have a place for that right now. If it were $75 it would have come home with me, and then Benjamin would say we have no table space any longer and he would be right haha!! No, he never complains actually he’s the best, he lets me roll with my creativity but he does poke fun of me sometimes …

I also left behind two black silk embroidered pillows for $30 each but I debated and just wasn’t sure. It was a good deal for pillows and I had a place but wasn’t obsessed. Only buying what I really really am excited about right now.

But that side table – how unique!! It’s under $300 and would be great in may homes, I am sure someone will see how unique it is and get it – there’s so much crappy big box store furniture that is overpriced and falls apart.

Then I’m reminded of how I should get back out to estate sales. But I don’t have room so now if I bring anything in I must love it a lot to replace something else, and that’s a tough place to be now because I love everything. I heard some older ladies discuss, “When you reach our age, you have everything you want,” and I get it. It’s already becoming true for me – but you also start buying the nicer quality things.

Oh, also the good news with estate sales right now is that it’s not as busy as it used to be. Most of the snowbirds and tourists are gone and it’s very hot so no one wants to be out right now which is fantastic if you’re looking for a good deal. And also good news, my house is feeling very full and I’m no longer looking for big pieces of furniture so I won’t be buying everything up – haha!

When I was checking out my gifts from The Scottsdale Marketplace I love chatting with the owner a lot. He asked what I did and I said, well, I used to be an influencer and blogger (it’s not that I’m not now, but truthfully things are slowing down). He said, “You should start a YouTube channel.” We chatted about it… Is it strange to think that maybe I’m just too tired or unmotivated? I see the potential, I appreciate the confidence and the nudge by many to do so, but I am also in a place where I don’t feel the hustle and sometimes it’s nice to just garden or shop without sharing or seeking attention? The money could be good, long term I can see the benefits of course with affiliate links. I think if I was excited or felt the need to work I would consider it but at the moment I am not really sure…anyone older with some wisdom? Should I be hustling right now at 40 or am I just making excuses because I’m fearful of failure or if I don’t have the pressure to work, should I even do it?

Diana Elizabeth needs a sale of her own. She also has her big set of Rose Medallion (style?) china set she bought for $150 and needs to bring it in because it’s sitting in her photo studio. Since it’s hot here she’s stuck indoors rearranging and cleaning and obviously doing the indoor redecorating stuff instead of being in her yard. Fall is her entertaining season, spring is her gardening and summer is all indoors! 


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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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