rose medallion palace vase antique store. phoenix blogger Diana Elizabeth standing by it at Antique Gatherings

I bought a palace vase!

I had a girl’s weekend with Brandy and Lauren, filled with pool time, food and of course our favorite thing to do together, antique shop! Look what I found at one of my favorite stores, Antique Gatherings — a palace vase.

rose medallion palace vase antique store. phoenix blogger Diana Elizabeth standing by it at Antique Gatherings

have always wanted a palace vase, my mom and dad have one and this one I purchased yesterday is bigger than theirs (I had Facetimed my mom and dad to show them). I never thought I could afford one though, from what I usually see they are $1500-$2000 (this palace vase on Etsy) so that was out of budget, but I also wasn’t sure how I’d get one home if I found one online. Well, it was my lucky day!

If you have a moment, check out this YouTube video (it will open in a new tab) and you will be so inspired but the designer also had a palace vase and I was like uggggh I really want one!

So the price?

antique rose medallion palace vase

$300 my friends. I mean really looking around and seeing what everything else was priced, $300 was a STEAL. And so I knew this was my chance. So I bought it home, but had only text Benjamin, “I bought a vase” and left it at that. When I came home, I just asked him for some help and Lauren filmed him to get his reaction.

Now when Lauren says “It wasn’t $2000, it was on sale!” the reason she said that is because when we left she joked with him that she wouldn’t let me spend more than $2000, that was my limit.

He’s such a great sport, so then we moved it inside…

And here it is in our garden room – I’ll need to take better photos later. Anyway it is where the Christmas tree usually goes so I (we) will have to move it or scoot it over. There will be a place for it not far :) There’s always room for the things you love.

A huge thanks to Amanda, the owner of Antique Gatherings who told me this vase was called a palace vase. She is so knowledgeable about antiques I love learning from her and I often run into her at estate sales and it’s so wonderful.   The new location is lovely, please stop by if you visit Phoenix. Everyone works so hard there to curate beautiful items, the prices are reasonable, and you will see such gorgeous lovely things, so much to see! Brandy and Lauren really enjoyed the new location and thought there was an abundance of lovely items.

And that was a great weekend. We have so much fun together!

Diana Elizabeth is trying to figure out where to hang her rose medallion plates she bought from an estate sale. She is still not sure yet and she hates nailing holes because touching up paint is a nightmare.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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