Antique thrifting things…

have slowed down on my estate sale hunts every weekend for two reasons. First, the house feels full/complete for now and second, it’s hot. I haven’t seen many sales that have caught my eye but there also have been a few on my list I am curious about and so I go and browse just because it’s also fun to look!

So I went to one last week and I found a ladder we needed –

It’s like a super tall ladder and that’s what we needed, or Benjamin needed so he said yes get it!

Also in the garage I found a stack of Frontage Christmas ornaments. Not that I need ornaments, but these were WOW and for $40 a box I thought why not! I can get rid of my Target plastic ones.

There were about 18-19 pieces per box, 16 round and a few extra long ones on the side. I would’ve gone back for 50% off say since it was 10 minutes from my house but I just woke up late and decided I was content with what I had. I will find out if I have enough when I decorate middle of November, maybe earlier :)

I went to a few antique stores earlier, and here are a few things I took photos of –

I found this pair and for the discount it was about $80 for both. I liked them a lot especially for the garden room but one had a bit of water damage and I was just not completely sold on it because of it. Such a bummer. Anyway, I do love a lot of Asian prints and chinoiserie in our home and I think every home can embrace it. I’ve only recently started to get into it like the past two years as my style has drastically changed and as my friend Brandy says, I have really embraced my style and gone all in.

I purchased this oil on canvas at White Dove Thrift for $12, and I had it for a while leaning against a wall in the laundry room and finally thought you know, I need to find a frame for it! So I went to Antique Gatherings and found this frame for $89 which to me is a bit pricey but it fit perfectly. The brown rust color actually went well with the colors right?

So not bad for a painting for around $100 of this scale!

I bought a large scale painting – it was regular $300 (a bit horrific in my opinion for a thrift shop), knocked down to $150 and then on sale for $30. Thats my kind of price! Anyway do I have the wall space or any idea where to put it? Of course not! But now I will be swapping out paintings and artwork throughout the season because I have a very bright colored one that should be muted during the fall/winter months. ;)

fall colored large oil painting - red, orange yellow flowers painted in a blue and white jar

Only now I need to get some art organizer, thinking about this –

But I think at 6 1/2″ wide, I need more storage than that! Here’s the link to the art storage rack on Amazon if you need it. Altho I also think I should not be buying storage, it might mean I have too much of something… ha!

Then there’s this Steel Carton Stand but it has 9″ between each so then what would happen is I would keep collecting art and it would drive Benjamin nuts! Haha! I mean if you have to keep storage for it, do you really need it? I’m currently wondering that myself with a few things in my photo studio has turned into extra furniture storage and some outdoor hosting things…

I do need to go through the photo studio and organize a bit more, or just let things go (even more). It’s getting full but I swear it’s just the patio furniture cushions right now. We just had them professionally cleaned and I don’t want to put them outside until the weather is good and we will sit outside! :)

One more month and then it’s September and it will be wonderful. Oh I have so much to tell you about the master closet, I can’t wait! Stay tuned.

Diana Elizabeth had decision fatigue but finally she has found the right things and said yes to them so now it feels like things are moving. She found a closet solution interior she is going to have a fabulous walk-in closet!


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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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