15 updates

I picked a random number so let’s just fill it up with what’s going on around here!

I am going to attempt to stick to a Tuesday and Thursday posting schedule right now. I used to not have a schedule but since brands have now gone to paid IG posts instead of blogs (bad idea I think but whatever) I still love my blog and I want to post regularly, it’s truly my creative outlet that I enjoy so much and it doesn’t stress me out. It doesn’t matter how many see it (but thank you so much for being here) it’s just a fun place for me to verbal vomit.

  1. The glass shower door is installed in the wallpapered guest bathroom!
  2. I watched The Cook of Castamar on Netflix – minus some sexy parts it was pretty decent to watch.
  3. I am trying to find a way to enjoy IG with the video content being prioritized now but to be honest it can be a little too forced (and I have other goals) but I think I found a way – I might give starting a shop with me series on IGTV a start so I hope you follow me on IG! @dianaelizabeth_
  4. We were supposed to go to Idaho this weekend but the weather said 100 and 101 so we canceled it. Then the weather changed but it’s fine, I have other plans on Friday night now.
  5. I highly suggest L’Agence I believe it’s The Parisian Agency on Netflix which is so lovely to my ears to hear French but for my eyes to see the epic homes and castles!
  6. I don’t know the last time I got paid to write a blog post and I’m pretty sad about it! I think it was 2018 or 2019! It’s when blogging was all the rage but now it’s social media which is understandable but also a bummer I think. I know it’s easier to make money and quicker but I still love blogging! Then again I’m one of the last OG bloggers who are still blogging, am I right? *wink*
  7. Shoot I said 15, here I am at 7. Will I make it? Will you keep reading? Let’s keep on going with the verbal vomit.
  8. The blue slipcover has arrived and I changed the rug from the garden room and also dusted the baseboards and I was so hot I felt like it was a workout! Here’s a quick photo of it wrinkly hahah and the old rug.
  9. I have an exciting collaboration for three months that I’m working on with Opendoor – I am really excited about it because of the freedom of creativity!
  10. I also have a collaboration coming to an end and next month and to be truthful I am so excited for that as it has taken more mental energy and time than I thought it would be which was disappointing. But I keep my commitments and I cannot wait to be done!!!! You haven’t seen it as it’s not posted on my social channels like a typical campaign. Maybe I can tell you about it later.
  11. I am going to attempt to stick to a Tuesday Thursday posting schedule if time permits. I can’t believe I used to post every day for years!!! What?? I also understand why women who had blogged in their mid 40s or so quit their blog. I think other priorities took over. I am not there yet as the blog is an outlet for me, but I also understand it and I don’t even have kids!
  12. Speaking of the blog, it is getting a facelift. Can’t wait for you to see it soon.
  13. The summer in Phoenix has been hot, but not as bad as last summer! We’ve had more rain and humid days which is surprising but I will take it!
  14. I was bored on Sunday and got pretty worried because the saying goes, If you’re bored, you’re boring. AH! I had organized cleaned and donated items I was so over it! I wish I could have gone outside to garden but it’s dangerously hot. So, I watched a movie and took a nap. Ah, the luxury.
  15. I am seed starting in my photo studio because I am that anxious to get outside and garden. Once mid-September hits I might become a morning person just so I can get outside early and start cleaning up around here!

Phew I made it! So that’s how our summer has been going – pretty uneventful and no travel at the moment which is unusual and I’m itching for some adventure (international of course) but these shows I’ve been watching have helped a lot so I’m OK for now and spending money on the inside of my house. Ha!

Diana Elizabeth is such a night eater – anyone else?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • Demi

    Haha, I love your updates. Always enjoy reading them – I can’t believe you used to post every day for years! That’s so much writing and so much content!


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