Lilly Pulitzer dottie silk dress Valentine's Day dress looks heart hoop earrings

Culling my Closet

Lilly Pulitzer dottie silk dress Valentine's Day dress looks heart hoop earrings
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer c/o

Happening Now – Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale:  1/4 –  1/5/2021. Check back the second day of the sale because new items are added to the sale!

I think the best time to pop into a thrift store is the first few months of the new year, right? I can tell by my own habits of purging that the thrift stores will probably be bursting with new goodies – clothing and housewares.

My closet has been too full, I couldn’t even squeeze in another thing and I thought to myself that’s it! I need to purge and add things that make me feel fabulous as my style continues to evolve.

  1. I am gravitating toward collecting dresses, and the more fabulous the better.
  2. Basic pieces are fine, but I’m looking for the statement pieces now, whether it be a top, jacket, or shoes. The more fun the better – to mix with my basic pieces I already own.
  3. Pants will still always be my favorite – but I gotta show my legs off while I have them (for real).

I thought I’d share some thoughts about how I’m culling my closet and the rules I’m breaking, too.

  • Have a friend come over who can tell you the truth if that piece is “you” or “who you want to present to the world” and your friend might be unexpected. For instance my girlfriend Brittany doesn’t have the same style as myself but she certainly gets it and she was cracking me up when she saw some of my pieces and told me one puffer jacket made me look like I was in jr. high. So, I donated it to a sweet single mom friend of mine (and she looks way better in it)!
  • That piece that is for that specific occasion (like the camping trip, or that specific city) isn’t worth keeping – because you can probably find something else you’d rather wear that you are already wearing anyway. I had this faux sherpa vest and it was there for years! It’s not that I liked it, but it sure would be cute in a specific woody setting, you know, one that I visit maybe once a year if even.
  • If it doesn’t feel like you, don’t keep it. You know it when you put it on, if the color and fit work for you. If you are pulling it down, or feeling like you can’t breathe, let it go.
  • It’s ok if you haven’t worn it in the last year or two. I mean it, I regret tossing things just because I didn’t have the opportunity to wear it in the past year. Some pieces are sentimental, or they require a special occasion, but they still make me feel great! Don’t be in such a hurry to discard them if you genuinely still love it.
  • Go through your coat closet. You’d assume I lived in a cold place with how many coats and vintage fur vests I own. I just love coats. But there is truth to having too many.
  • Purge the shoes. OK, now this one, I say if you haven’t worn the shoes in the last year, maybe consider donating them, unless they are special occasion. I finally got rid of shoes I wasn’t reaching for because the truth was, I’d rather reach for another pair and that was what I was doing!
  • Retire the tired. I have items I love, and you can tell. The pilling, it looks a little worn, so it was time to replace them.

How to let go

I know, you’ve spent so much money on it. But, if you aren’t wearing it, don’t feel obligated to keep it when you can give it to one of your closest friends or a single mom friend. Or, donate it to women or young girls who are in need, there are so many organizations out there – from domestic violence shelters, to sex trafficking survivors, just ask around. When you look at an item and realize someone who needs it could really use that item, you’re more likely to let it go.

You can also have your friends come over and go through your donate clothes or bring it to your next get together (something I did recently). You will never regret giving your items to a friend.

What to add back into your closet

Items in the style you want to present to the world – I learned this in Tan France’s Masterclass, how do you want to present yourself? Buy the items that align with that style. Staying focused on that helps you know what to bring in and redefine your style. Check out this list of what he recommends for a capsule wardrobe.

That’s it! And speaking of adding wonderful things to your wardrobe, Lilly Pulitzer is having their two-day After Party Sale starting Monday with some really beautiful pieces at amazing prices! Some at $49! I had to mention it because I’m wearing their sale items in this post.

Like this puffer vest is so charming and the jewels on it are so fun – I got so many compliments wearing it running errands. It’s the right amount to keep your guts warm (haha) and not make you feel bulky for the cool but not too cold days. The lining is so darling too, it has pops of color!

The outfits I’m wearing in this post are on sale now, so check it out, and bring in pieces that make you happy – for future celebrations and gifts!

Lilly Pulitzer dottie silk dress Valentine's Day dress looks heart hoop earrings


gold metallic dress from Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer puffer vest
portrait on dark background

Diana Elizabeth took down Christmas and it made her and Mr. Wonderful sad. The house feels empty but she knows how to fill it up to feel a bit more warm again, books, florals, and some little touches!


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