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Gone Thrifting Again!Again!

So much to share about my latest thrift and eBay and Etsy finds! I share on IG stories immediately but they go away so quickly so I wanted to share them on here.

I have decided I want to focus on estate sales, thrifting and online resale like Etsy and eBay right now. Oh, and garage sales! I also went to a rummage sale I cannot wait to tell you about!

First, let’s start with this Italian ceramic pheasant I saw! She was at a The White Dove Thrift Shoppe in Phoenix. It was by the window, kinda grandma like which is my style, and I had seen a YouTube that inspired me to look for ceramic items like these — it’s interesting what you are influenced by. Anyway, there was a repair you can’t see, but it also doesn’t matter! If you like it enjoy it! 

italian pheasant ceramic thrift shopping blog

By the time I drove home I realized… wait doesn’t it match my dressing room wallpaper? No, it’s not done yet. Check back with me in a month if I have not jumped off a bridge by then.

See the pheasant bird in my wallpaper? Oh do you also see that ADT motion sensor screwed into my $1200 Lee Jofa wallpaper? Yikes.

The guy who installed it was so nice, so I don’t want to get all mad about it, but I’m super bummed. I thought I communicated where I waned it, and I just was shocked to find it where it is, but it also made sense. Why would he screw into the cabinets no one is crazy like me? But oh, I’d rather he did, so I’ll be doing that myself on the other side of the closet and doing wallpaper repair.

I left a review but it was kind and I just said don’t install on wallpaper ever, because I think the best feedback we can give is one that will help others in the future!

I’m always on the hunt for a good footstool I can reupholster myself only I have yet to buy one! 

This one was $25 with 50% off! White Dove Thrift is so great! I must’ve gone in on a lucky day, it was 50% off furniture and housewares (anything you can eat off of) and 25% off knick knacks (no problemo!)

I think I will upholster this in the tiger velvet I have.

My entire pile looked like grandma style but that’s me!

That rose plate is supposed to be a future gift for someone but I washed it and now I want to keep it. I hate/love when that happens…

footstool at a thrift store. phoenix thrifting blog
Robert Laessig Vintage 3D Floral Shadow Box Art Prints

Then came across this pair of Robert Laessig Vintage 3D Floral Shadow Box Art Prints (similar, and here). I loved the frame, they were so pretty and $30 each I was kind of hesitant. I mean they are SO GRANDMA, right? No discount on frames, shoot.

So I debated, text Brandy (again, a different day) and she text back, “You can’t get that at Target for $30!”

But then I just thought, ok, I like them, fine let’s do it! And it all goes to Hospice of the Valley anyway so it’s like a charitable donation!

I had googled it too to see what the prices were everywhere else and while there are many you can buy, I didn’t see the frames quite as lovely as these so I bought them.

Here’s a better closer photo so you can see the 3D…


I also found some other items online.

This is a new vintage Avon Tic Tac Toe set. I bought it from eBay after I saw someone post about their find in a thrifting Facebook group. They got it for $3, so then I decided I needed one and it would be great in our garden room! So I found one and well, I didn’t pay $3, I paid $25, darn it. But whatever, I think it will look very cute on this side table I have.

Our Garden Room in the evening with newly tinted transoms
brass spin frames vintage from eBay

These are not mine or Benjamin’s relatives, and sadly will be removed but I have to put in our own images in here. These brass frames that spin were an eBay find for about $15 for both not including shipping. I want to put them on a side table under a lamp in one of our living areas. 

pineapple welcome signs brass

I found these vintage brass pineapple Welcome signs from Etsy and eBay, and I think they match! One will go by the front door and the other by the side gate. 

I’ve blocked off a week in February again to get my own personal things done and it’s something I can’t wait to tell you about soon! They look more like a blooming artichoke to me, but we know pineapples mean welcome. I first bought one attempting to just stay in budget but my friend Brandy said I had to get the other one because it was only $20 more and they complimented each other, so I did! They were about $20-$45 each.

Have you read Veranda’s post about the 7 things you should buy vintage instead of new? To summarize it: oil paintings, wood tables/bed frames, leather chairs, rugs, , lamps/light fixtures, dining chairs, and glassware. I think that’s like everything really. I would say buy: glassware, dishes, art, rugs, coffee tables and lamps!

wire hanging planter

After my Vivace appointment I saw a yard sale and it was in a backyard in Scottsdale. Truthfully it was nothing great a lot of junk, but I came across this wire planter that made me curious.

Curious enough to ask for what better deal they could give me from $9 hoping for $5. But I got it for $7.

I had a geranium that I hung in the fall but it didn’t have a planter so it looked silly and too high up so I left it on the ground.

I’ll spray this dark green when I have a moment and I think it might look nice in the backyard!

I need to go to yard/garage sales more. Have you heard of They list local garage sale, I heard about it at an estate sale. They can email you when there are new ones listed.

I think I want to go to garage sales to really get the deals for the things I don’t need but think I need. How I still have room, I’m not quite sure.

I went to a clothing rummage sale and it was listed on the site from an organization who was closing own their thrift store. I saw it said “new Lauren Ralph Lauren clothes.” Long story short, they were new pieces from my favorite brand and I ended up buying a few things for just $4 each! Then I went back the next morning in 40 degree weather dressed like I was in Paris winter and found more items. At this point I was buying things for friends and things that weren’t exactly me, but might fit my girlfriends. By the end of the day, it was $25 for an entire black trash bag all you can fit! To say I scored is an understatement! It was a mixture of vintage clothing, gently used and a majority of new. 

The funny thing was no one was really getting much and there was this line of underwear that was cute and no one seemed to care for them or be my size so I just grabbed mostly all of them and shoved them in my bag. I’ve already given a ton to friends. I mean, who wants to even spend money on underwear, seriously? Benjamin was very proud of me and did the math, it was like $1.25 per piece not including the like 50+ pairs of undies haha!

And well, that’s it. By the time you read this I might possibly be going to a different White Dove Thrift Store to check it out because it’s my day off. 

I purposefully block off days to make myself rest before big events. I have a very important two-day corporate headshot shoot and I am very excited for. I’m all prepped and need some time to relax and clean everything too and pack it up!

I have also decided to block an entire week off every month. No socializing, no whatever, just me tackling my personal to do list. It was so helpful to have those two weeks off to get things done in January that I will continue to schedule it in my calendar. I also decided to book every service person needed at the house within 48-72 hours of the same blocked off days so I am OK and mentally prepared to have 4-5 people at the house at the same time. As a person who recharges as an introvert it gets it all over with in a short amount of time and then I have the house to ourselves again. It’s just been a lot since Sept 1 working on this closet expansion so it’s been tiring having people in and out like a revolving door. 

I hope you are having a great week! I don’t know what’s left to buy out there but I’m sure I’ll find it.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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