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New seasons always have me itching for seasonal updates – and it’s also a great excuse to purge. I have a rack of clothes that I’m having a hard time parting with, really, but I’m also running out of hangers. What’s that rule – when one item comes in, then one must go out? Who really as the willpower to do that? I just end up grabbing more hangers from Benjamin’s closet!

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AlI want a virtual garage sale, ASAP so I can make room for the new pieces that are coming in from online orders. Because, things are getting tired, not worn, and my style is always changing. I spent a day a few weeks ago listing things to my Poshmark closet (search for user “dianaelizabeth”).

I literally made the above meme on Photoshop because this thought popped into my head – is it because of social media when we take a picture it really does last longer and we see it 100 times which makes us think we’ve worn it enough? Haha!

Then there’s the – I would wear these knit boots when I camp (I don’t EVER camp and have no intention) or – I could wear these when I in the garden (but I wear the other boots that are less hot), and the – I could wear these when I’m lazy to the movie theater (but I have OTHER shoes to wear that are much cuter and still comfy). So with that thought, it’s time to pretty up the wardrobe with functionality. Cheers to new styles to make us get rid of the old stuff!

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