Growing some green things


Well, now that I know our green peppers can only get as big as our fists out here in Phoenix (thanks to The Simple Farm), I know when to correctly pick them before they get sun scorched!

I call this photograph – little jalapeno, giant hands, alien head shot.  I do love this garden visor that’s SPF 50 so I can wear my hair up.


After I took a class at The Simple Farm a little bit ago, I bought a few starters and one of it was malabar spinach.  Just a few weeks later with one starter look at how crazy it’s gotten!  You need a trellis for it.


The blue ceramic balls I scattered throughout our backyard, it was a set of six.  I just thought they were so pretty.  I also wanted the malabar spinach to share the trellis with the cucumbers…

Look what else we’re growing!  Already I see a little baby eggplant!  Hello little fella!

backyard-phoenix-garden-urban-farming-119 backyard-phoenix-garden-urban-farming-120

We also added garden posts so I could put bird netting over it if necessary.  Those little guys are really cramping my style and were getting to my tomatoes.  One little guy got caught and stuck in there I had to go outside and cut him loose!


I looked up and saw a beautiful sky.


The jasmine trellis is doing a great job.  I just did this in January.  I used one gallon small little guys because I was cheap and look at it just 8 months later!


See the tree behind our wall? We’re getting that taken down.  Half of it’s dead thanks to the nasty palo verde beetles (do not Google it, you’ll regret it) and it’s a horrible mess for our yard.

We had Noelle Johnson come out to our home a weeks ago.  She’s known as AZ Plant Lady and she gave us a consult about everything – how our grapefruit trees are doing (they have a disease, boo!), how to prune things, and what to remove and replace to make it visually appealing.  I loved every thing she advised us to do – she has a horticulturist degree and is a certified arborist.  I hung off her every word when she walked around our home and gave her input.  If you need landscaping help, I’d highly suggest you contact her because she knows a whole lot about every green thing and what will work for your landscaping style and what will live in the desert!  We also wanted her help with a calendar to tell us everything we needed to do with what we had throughout the year.  She’s worth every penny and I’m happy to have a new friend and I know we’ll be seeing her again!  See her consultation services here.

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o), 50mm f1/.816mm f/2.8 + 18-55mm (c/o).

Diana Elizabeth is looking forward to end of October – the weather will finally “break” here and she’ll be reminded of why she lives in the Southwest! 

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • Regan Carter

    So beautiful! I’m entire jealous – we attempted a modest garden this spring and it didn’t produce like we hoped it would! Definitely need to do some research for next year! What a dream garden you have going on there! Love the raised boxes! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Regan! This is my first year with the garden, it’s been an experiment and I’m taking a few classes. It’s super hard to grow much in the summer here! Don’t give up on yours! We got our corners for the raised beds at So much easier :)

  • Noelle Johnson

    Hi Diana,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I had a great time meeting you and seeing your beautiful home and garden.

    Can’t wait to visit again and see how your garden is progressing :-)


    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Noelle, my pleasure! We have our big delivery this Friday. I can’t wait!!!!! So strange, one of our hopseeds in the back totally dried up! Nothing looks fishy, so strange. Guess we’ll replace it with one from the front!

  • angel swanson

    It looks GORGEOUS! Come and give me a lesson, please! ;-)


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