how to install a harmon hinge door

How and why we Installed a Harmon Hinge door

We installed a door from our entertaining spaces that recesses into the wall. This was the perfect addition of customization to our forever home.

As I was flipping through my Veranda magazine, there was an illustration of different door types. I immediately gravitated toward a harmon hinge door illustration, researched it online, and realized that was what I needed for the hallway. Thankfully Jerrod of Hill Farm Design who we have worked on for several projects around our home was up for the challenge and accepted!

harmon hinge door veranda magazine

3 Reasons we wanted a harmon hinge door

#1: Noise. Over the years I’ve had late night parties, long term guests, early bird guests, and have an early bird husband during the week. Sound from the echos sound right down the hall and I wished we had another door to diffuse the noise to our bedroom.

#2: Privacy. By closing the door off, I can head from the master to my bathroom down the hall in jammies, or close off our private living areas which is really just our bedroom and my bathroom.

#3: Our dining room is right off the hallway and I don’t like seeing the hallway. This is not the main reason, and I know it’s just the way it is, but there are other valid reasons.

So those are our reasons! I would have loved a pocket door, but we didn’t have the room to make one since we have an air vent in the way (unfortunately) so this was the best idea. Most might do a barn door but that is not part of my aesthetic and would take up wall space in my dining room. So a harmon hinge door it is! I also think they are elegant and like secret doors, often seen in European apartments or more popular on the East Coast.

What is a harmon hinge door?

A harmon hinge door is a recessed pocket pivot hinge door. It is recessed into the wall when not in use.

The door recesses into the hallway which looks like an out swing closet door! When in use, it looks like a normal closed door.

Note, there are two types of harmon hinges, a standard harmon hinge, and a concealed harmon hinge.

A site that explained this great is a Harmon Hinge manufacturer, For the concealed Harmon Hinge, the mortise arms of the hinge are setback. This allows for custom panels to be placed over the mortised arm concealing the mounting screws or for the mortise arm to be placed behind the millwork.

I am sharing photos of the company’s website which I hope they don’t mind since I’m linking to their hinges you can also purchase:

We went for the concealed Harmon Hinge door because I always like things as minimal looking as possible. Sometimes. Then I add a super fancy knob and tassel because why not make that part fun? I guess it depends on the detail of the item.

how to install a harmon hinge doortassel on faux key harmon hinge door detail knob

Bee pocket door pull with hole in brass, without hole in brass / Key pull knob in antique brass / Solid Brass Flush Mount Ring Pull (inside of hallway to pull door back)

Harmon Hinge Door Installation Photos

To give a better idea of what goes into a harmon hinge door install, here are a few photos. I will preface by saying this was a creative challenge because I put a door in the middle of a wall instead of a typical corner where doors would normally be. The reason this is a bit more challenging is because the hinge is typically secured in a wood post but now we had drywall to work around.

This is when I say if you want something that isn’t typical, be flexible on expectations because you truly don’t know what you’ll get if it’s not really done often. I’m grateful for Jerrod for creating a solution that worked and it looks beautiful and most importantly, functions!

installing a harmon hinge doorinstalling a harmon hinge doorinstalling a harmon hinge doorhow to install a harmon hinge door

What is the cost of a harmon hinge door?

I’m adding this in since a reader asked and you might be wondering. Our quote was difficult to provide since it was unique – the custom door and the placement. So we were given a $3-$5k cost and the main reason is the hinges were $1200. You can’t do this project without those hinges. Then with the cost of labor, materials and drywall time, it added up.

We were right around the middle of the estimate, and I decided to save time and money with the painting.

A few tips

  • Consider a latch if possible – most harmon hinge doors, do latch like other door. When our air vent is on right behind the door, it sucks in the air and the door can go back. We are going to work on this and add a small latch. Or you can use a strong magnet to keep it in place?
  • Most Harmon hinge door posts are part of molding, like another corner or side of a door, not like the hallway where I put it – but that’s just how I roll! Be flexible if you’re asking for something a bit more unusual.
  • Baseboard molding ay be removed in specific parts to accommodate the swing of the door.
  • Look for a pull on both sides that you can pull in and out the door.
  • Harmon hinges, especially concealed are very very expensive, estimate about $400 per hinge, and you’ll need at least 3.
  • Check what is squeaky – it might be wood rubbing against each other.


If you want to see more in depth (kind of) of the progress, check out the video on YouTube. I hope this helps with an idea of how long it takes and the process even though I couldn’t be directly over their shoulder as they worked haha!


Link references for Harmon Hinge Door Project

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