white kitchen gray herringbone pattern floor resilient flooring options responsible environment lasting durable flooring options

What is Resilient Flooring and Why You Should Consider it

In the market for new flooring? Consider resilient flooring there are 7 types that will give you long-term durability for life’s spills, drops, usage and is eco-friendly, promoting high-quality indoor air!

This post is sponsored by Beautifully Responsible® to raise awareness and educate consumers around resilient flooring products on the market.

white kitchen gray herringbone pattern floor resilient flooring options responsible environment lasting durable flooring options

electing flooring is a big decision when it comes to renovating a space or a new build. There are so many options and I want to share with you eco-friendly flooring that is also durable and will last! I know a lot of us are renovating or remodeling (we have two big projects happening this summer) so I hope this post will be educational for your home improvement journey.

The Beautifully Responsible® campaign focuses on highlighting eco-friendly flooring choices and the manufacturers who create resilient flooring. Resilient flooring is durable for life! It also features long-term durability for all of the life things – spills, drops, high traffic, running around, resilient flooring (7 types) is mindful manufacturing made for life. This flooring combines the value propositions of beauty and responsibility together.

white bathroom resilient flooring eco-friendly durable white bleached oak wood like flooring for home long lasting durable

What is Resilient Flooring?
Benefits of Resilient Flooring

  • Stands up to daily spills, stains and active pets and children – no harsh chemicals or cleaners required to clean.
  • Strong strength and flexibility to stand up to nearly anything your family can throw at it, spill on it, drop, or run across it.
  • Flooring has more “give” than hardwood, stone, cement, or ceramic tile.
  • Mindfully manufactured and promotes high-quality indoor air, which helps your family live well.

I had a few different types of resilient flooring finishes in our townhome – in a remodeled bathroom and the office which was my second bedroom on the upstairs floor.

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The flooring choices are stylish, stand up to spills, stains and active pets – and if you spill something, it will wipe clean with no harsh chemicals or cleaners required. The mindfully manufactured flooring also promotes high-quality indoor air. I recently started to become educated that the things we have in our home, fabrics included can impact what we breathe in.

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There are 7 types of resilient flooring

sustainability in flooring products

You already know a few, under specific product names, such as luxury vinyl tile, rubber, linoleum, or cork floors. I will share the 7 types of resilient flooring in my own words.

    Often unable to tell the difference between luxury vinyl tile and more expensive flooring systems like hardwood, stone, or ceramic tile, it is water resistant, pet friendly, and highly durable. You can also replace individual planks or tile instead of the entire floor.
    Comfortable underfoot, it provides great sound absorption and warmth. It also provides greater resistance to water, humidity and temperature variations. It’s an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and entryways.
    Most of us are familiar with sheet vinyl which can mimic aesthetics of stone and hardwood floors. It is great for budget-conscious homeowners and many are designed for DIY installation.
    Many linoleum flooring products also integrate recycled content, maintains color and withstands heavy traffic. It’s made from natural, renewable ingredients combined with limestone, pine resin, cork, wood floor and dye and rolled into a jute fibber backing.
  • CORK
    Made from cork oak trees and harvested every nine years (a faster rate than hardwood trees often used for floors), cork is ground up, compressed and formed into sheets. It muffles sound and can help with energy efficiency
    Easy to clean and durable, great for restaurant kitchens and gyms. Slip resistance, water hesitant it is great for basements, or a utility room. I am thinking home gym anyone?
    Often used in schools and supermarkets, it’s becoming more popular for DIY projects because it’s low cost, durable and easy to handle and install. I would probably use this in my photo studio. It’s made in the USA of North American limestone, a highly abundant resource combined with vinyl and color pigments.

There are many colors available and pattern options you can lay the floor. I’ve seen floors with a border than herringbone in the middle!

mud room laundry room flooring long-term durability and crafted to promote healthy, beautiful environments inside and out resilient flooringresilient flooring eco-friendly durable white bleached oak wood like flooring for home long lasting durable

How to find resilient flooring near you

  1. Check out the benefits of resilient flooring in more detail.
  2. Find the style you want for your home – look at a the design inspiration tab.
  3. Find the flooring made by Beautifully Responsible® manufacturers at your local flooring store

Visit BeautifullyResponsible.com to learn more. Shop resilient flooring manufacturers at your local flooring store – there are partners/companies listed on the site.

Visit BeautifullyResponsible.com to find your floor


sustainability in flooring products resilient flooring eco-friendly durable white bleached oak wood like flooring for home long lasting durable


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