There is no joy in cooking – unless you have Munchery


I made this in 15 minutes. I ditched Blue Apron portioned food delivery. I don’t have anything bad to say about Blue Apron as the meals were pretty good, and any problems I did have was very quickly addressed by customer service. However, the work – it was like I used 5 pots and every cutting board to make a darn sauce just for salad and it just took too long. We had even went to vegetarian meals to shave off 10 minutes of cooking time (and you know I LOVE meat!) It saved me time and money for the grocery shopping, but 40 minutes in the kitchen prepping and cooking was too long for me.

I heard about Munchery, 15 minutes or less, same concept. I was sold – but I must let you know it’s $10 more a week, so for three meal kits for two you are looking around $69.95 a week – for our lifestyle and budget, this works just fine and we find it very well worth it. I cancelled Blue Apron and signed up for Munchery. Our first box arrived while my gf Melissa was over and she was so excited to see it because she too, had just signed up and was awaiting her plaid box.


First box came with an apron. So adorable, but I have to admit – I never cook with one, should I?

Let’s take a peek – first realization – OH MY GOSH EACH MEAL COMES IN IT’S OWN BOX/BAG!!!!!! This has saved a few minutes of getting an entire box of labeled things and having to sort through each item for the correct recipe and having a mess in the fridge.

diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-munchery-food-delivery-review_0008 diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-munchery-food-delivery-review_0009

Sure the ingredients aren’t labeled but they are in the same box so you can pretty much guess which is the ginger and kale, I mean if you can’t then we gotta talk because even the girl who asked a guy at Safeway to show her what capers looks like can recognize ingredients (wahoo!).

The recipe card is easy – no step by step photos which is fine by me.

WAIT – what do I see? PEELED GARLIC? I mean, I’m pretty sure Martha Stewart would be impressed. Peeling garlic is SO annoying.

And what else? Pesto sauce already made? You mean I don’t have to make it like I did in the precious subscription box with basil leaves and whatever else goes in pesto sauce?

diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-munchery-food-delivery-review_0010 diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-munchery-food-delivery-review_0011

Each box is labeled and the other side has the nutrition facts.

I’ve made two meals so far and with great success! I would say it’s true – it does take 15 minutes. The only thing is with pasta I swear it takes longer to cook because of the boiling water but hey, it’s not that bad, because by the time everything else is done, your prep work is really like 7-10 minutes at most.

Cheers to cooking happily, who knew that was possible? Check out Munchery (link will give you $20 off your first box) – thought this would be a great way for cooking efficiency for those of us who just want to be in and out and enjoy a great meal.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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