Mariah Carey number one fan in outfit for Mariah Carey Christmas album inspiration costume

Mariah Carey inspired Christmas Album cover

Mariah Carey number one fan in outfit for Mariah Carey Christmas album inspiration costume

t’s December, cue the best Christmas song in the entire planet, MC’s All I Want for Christmas!  I’ve been blessed to see her perform the song live in Seattle, and in case you’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen Mimi in concert, it’s five. Just a quick “Mariah Carey” search on the blog will bring up a few blog posts!

I hope you can feel how excited I get to create and post these creative editing images. I love what I do, but every so often I need one of these – a project that challenges me to get dressed up, do my hair and makeup and use photography paired with photo editing to create something beyond what I show daily! There is so much more to all of us, and I hope this encourages you to veer outside your lane whatever it is, and try something different whether it’s your job or not – just create something!

Links and tips to get Mariah Carey’s Christmas album look –

  • Santa Baby Costume, c/o (in size small, tag says medium possibly due to international sizing)
  • Patent leather belt, Amazon
  • Lipstick: Popstar by Buxom c/o
  • Soft Glam EyeShadow palette by Anastasia
  • Font
  • I sat on a sheepskin rug which would give me the look of snow as I photoshopped around it. I even edited my eyebrows thinner to match Mimi’s look.
  • I used a NuMe wand that gave me a ringlet style and used some bobby-pins to put my hair up!
  • I bought a snowy landscape image from Creative Market and duped the cover fonts. Photoshop is one of the most fun things to me! As long as lighting is pretty decent and you are lit correctly, you can do anything in Photoshop to make it happen.

Thanks to the best hubby for helping me out as always and willing, it only took about 100 shots to get it, and about 5 minutes of shooting and readjusting. It took the last shot to really nail it and a little photoshop to piece details together – like hair from one shot to another, etc. I even tried to mimic the hair that’s stuck to her lipstick if you noticed *wink*

Anyway, I love Mariah Carey so much you know, and I just didn’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner to do, but again, I just started these creative photo edits with my Twilight character looks when Midnight Sun came out and now if thing else comes up I’m going to do it, if I feel inspired of course!

Merry Christmas time everyone!!! Oh it would be my dream if Mariah Carey saw this!!!!!! I love you Mimi!!

Diana Elizabeth can’t wait to see Mariah Carey a sixth time….oh when can concerts come back?

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