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My second favorite hobby is sleeping.  Our bedroom is where I relax and can turn my brain off. I can fall quickly to sleep thanks to our ChiliPad (you’ll never hear the end of how much I love it) and I like finding ways to make our bedroom the perfect sanctuary for rest.

I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect sheets and I’ve found a few along my journey but not enough to repurchase. Buying sheets can be such a gamble too – you never know when you take them out of the package if they will be itchy – the thread count can be so misleading! PerfectLinens.com tests and finds the world’s most comfortable sheets. They even have a 45-night love it (use or abuse it) and return policy – free shipping both ways. They reached out and asked if they sent me a sheet set of my choice and if I liked it, if I would consider reviewing it. So I decided I would literally sleep on it and decide if I wanted to share it with you guys.

I am thrilled to report, they are correct! The sheets I picked are so soft and I think they remind me of a luxury hotel.


I have been wanting scalloped edged bedsheets for a while so when I saw these Eternally Drapeful Sheets and it said it was their softest all-cotton sheet that doesn’t cling I had to test it out. They are 100% cotton from engineered yarn designed for softness that won’t wash out.


PerfectLinens.com is the place to find the most comfortable sheets that stay soft after multiple launderings – they curated them and retest them after launderings to make sure! It’s so hard to buy sheets because you think you get a high thread count and that’s the secret for comfort but sometimes they are scratchy so I love that there’s a 45 night trial or your money back! No risk – and if a company says they will take them back, they must really guarantee it!

You can shop for sheets by your feel/needs:


I hope you check their site out if you’re in the market for new sheets for your bed or the guest room. This will be on repeat, the search stops here and there’s no investment like your sleep. Buy a good mattress, get a ChiliPad, and invest in the softest sheets in the world from PerfectLinens.com. Use code Diana15 for 15% off your order.

Sweet dreams beauties!