We filled that spot up fast

It’s monsoon season here in Arizona.  That means, it’s still hot, but overcast days now bring a relief – much needed rain and a little break from the scorching sun and brightness.  So, I went outside and took some pictures to give you a update on our backyard.

It’s strange to think that just a few months ago our backyard went from earlier this year:

to this…

to this!

backyard-update-111 backyard-update-112 backyard-update-113

Those are three beds, the one between them will be for my deep rooted veggies that I will try hard to not kill – this time climate will be on my side when I plant for fall.  Yippee!  Also that thing under the umbrella cover is actually my outdoor clothing hanger.  One day I’m going to tackle tie-dying linen thing I’ve seen all over Pinterest and I will use it.

Oh and remember this:

Well now it looks like this – the hopseed bush turns color apparently.


The blue painted lattice was a real pain painting.  I’ll never do it again.  Ivy is supposed to climb up there but after I accidentally turned off our drip system for a few weeks the little guy didn’t make it.  I’ll have to find a replacement but I’m thinking one can never have too many climbing roses so I’m going to find pink ones to compliment the yellow ones on the left side.  The green wood feeder thing holds some of our backyard games. I still need to organize it and have a more clever way to showcase them so people will play.


Random wood pieces means Dennis our handyman was over and had some projects around here.  I should probably move those inside the storage shed.

Here’s a panoramic view of our yard – only I didn’t really put the images together.  This space below would be SO ideal for chickens if I had actually had any guts/patience/time/knowledge/love for eggs.  Guess it will sit empty for now. I had thought of a garden but once a took a class and realized it’s so shaded there, that’s a freeze zone.  Instead the white fence is a home for those black wood/carpenter bees, we need to fix those holes.  I have a secret to tell you.  I sorta want to get a rabbit because I think his little turds would seriously help my garden out.  I had one in jr. high but he ran away – for real.  Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on that.

Back to the semi-panoramic view of our backyard.

backyard-update-115 backyard-update-116 backyard-update-222Get the idea?

On and this means it’s too hot to leave candles outdoors or even be outdoors.  Sad face.


 Diana Elizabeth can’t wait to play outdoors again.  She has two more months to wait for that but meanwhile she has a handful of trips coming up that summer will fly by!

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.

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