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Window Tinting Tips – Read before you install

After a learning experience with a window tint install, I wanted to write a post to help anyone who is thinking about tinting their windows!

Mackenzie-childs front door wreath butterfly home decor blog phoenix Arizona Diana Elizabeth steffen

would never have thought to tint my windows until I moved to Arizona. Not just the car window tint, but my house windows! Tinting windows is usually left for business buildings for some privacy and also to keep the heat out – but when we installed a new French door in the laundry room, Benjamin kind of freaked out (he always does when he sees a lot of windows, it makes him feel exposed or something. Or maybe he sees dollar signs with the power bill).

So we did a light mirror tint on the laundry room windows and it helped tremendously with Benjamin feeling like we had privacy – even though it was our backyard (??) and it made for a cleaner look for the brand campaigns I worked on.

We also had our garage windows tinted as well for privacy but if someone smooshed their face up against the tint they could see in but someone would have to be a total weirdo to do that and my neighbors would see. But anyway a mirror tint gives a good clean look for privacy during the day, but remember at night it will be normal and you can see through so use curtains if necessary.

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^^ I don’t know the name of this window tint but Carlos did this and I like it!

So to give some tips now if you plan to install window tinting! I had a weird experience with another company I went through – everything was great until he got my money and then once it was installed he didn’t care about how I felt (I text him and he ignored me) and the poor installer had to hear my panic through text and he got on the phone with me to calm me down. He suggested I live with it for a week before I made any decisions – now that guy deserves a raise! So I decided to write a blog post for you so you can learn from my mistake!

When you have a consult, hold the window tinting to your glass

Better yet, ask if you can have a few samples to live with for a week. Don’t assume they know how to “match” the other one from your other person. I should have held it up but I didn’t know that! Learn from me! Look from both sides, how does it look from the inside and the outside?

No one is a mind reader

I deal with this as a creative so I understand – I got what I asked for which was to hide my bamboo shades with the reflection, but the owner wasn’t a mind reader to also know that I wanted enough light. Sometimes you can’t have everything. So that’s why you need to have a sample and hold it up. You’ll be more secure in your decision instead of wondering what if.

Do a few windows, don’t do them all if you aren’t sure

You can always make another order. I’m glad I didn’t tint the bathroom.

You have 24-48 hours before glue sets in

I wanted to rip them off immediately but I only had two days before the glue would set in. So if you aren’t sure, that’s how much time you have before you need to hire someone to professionally remove them.

Cheaper isn’t always better

Materials differ and so does the customer service.

If you freak out, try to live with it for a week

Best advice from the installer. It will be a change, it should be, it’s a tint!

Know how to clean tinted windows

Avoid chemicals, only use soap and water and don’t touch them for a month. Usually a sheet is given to you on how to care for them.

Be aware about tinting gaps with French doors

I didn’t really have them with specific doors but I was told by an installer that there will often be gaps by wood. I think it depends on the tint you get, the color of your door, and the skill of the installer. But you can also use caulking to hide those light gaps if it bothers you.

And that’s it! If you have any tips I missed leave them in the comments. I love our mirror tint, people don’t really notice there’s a mirror tint because most windows reflect naturally anyway but it really does make a difference and is super nice to have when you are spying on the guys working on your yard renovation haha!

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